Psychotherapy is a big help

Hissarlisson (Tottenham), who is now familiar to Korean fans as Son’s teammate, has made a comeback by scoring double digits in the league this season. Having suffered from continuous slump and injury after moving to Tottenham, he cited psychotherapy as the biggest driving force behind his revival.

Britain’s “The Sun” highlighted the changed Hicharlisson this season in an article titled “Hicharlisson has become mentally healthy after getting out of a difficult time” on the 20th.

Hissarlisson left Everton for Tottenham in the summer of 2022. Tottenham’s £60 million transfer fee to sign Hissarlisson has reached.

However, Hicharlisson has been mired in a severe slump since moving to Tottenham. He only scored one goal in 27 league matches. He spent a long time in which he could hardly afford to score goals, and was mired in discord with manager Antonio Conte. In an A-match match against Bolivia held in September last year, he shed tears as he was replaced in the second half.

The start of this season was the same. He underwent surgery due to a groin injury, and as his team lost ground due to financial difficulties, he found it difficult to find a place to stand. In an interview with a Brazilian media at the time, he said, “Those who had been aiming for my money are no longer there for me.” However, Hissarlisson returned to good health after the surgery, and has scored 10 goals in 23 league matches, spearheading Tottenham’s offense along with Son.

Hissarlisson cited psychological therapy as the driving force behind his revival. “In the past, I had many days when I didn’t want to leave home. I locked myself in the room as soon as I finished training,” he said. “When I first started psychotherapy, I thought to myself, ‘I am not crazy so I don’t want to get therapy like this.’ My family also had similar prejudices.” At the same time, he said, “It is really important to get therapy. It was really helpful. All players should get that kind of support. We should have courage for a better life.” 바카라사이트 추천

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