Spring volleyball

“Spring volleyball” will begin. Volleyball Emperor Kim Yeon-koung 36 will challenge herself to win the first V-League title in 15 years.

The post-season of professional volleyball will kick off with a semi-playoff PO for men on Wednesday. The women’s team will start with a PO two wins out of three games between Heungkuk Life Insurance, ranking second, and Jeong Kwan-jang, ranking third in the regular league, on Wednesday without a semi-PO.

Kim and Heungkuk Life Insurance suffered last year. They went straight to the championship game three wins out of five as No. 1 in the regular season, but lost three consecutive games after winning two consecutive games, conceding the title to Korea Expressway Corporation. It was the first reverse sweep in the history of the V-League Championships. Kim, who had been agonizing over retirement, decided to try again for the top place with Marcello Avon Dan-ja, the coach, after becoming a free agent. Her best friend Kim Su-ji also joined the team and reorganized her formation.

The season was not smooth either. Foreign player Yelena was sluggish and had a problem with her attitude, which eventually led to her being replaced. New foreign player Willow Johnson joined the team and reorganized the team, but was hampered by a one-point gap in the match against Pepper Savings Bank, giving up the top spot to Hyundai Engineering & Construction.

However, Kim is still performing fairly well. She has displayed even-handed performances in offense and defense, ranking second in attack success rate 44.98 percent, sixth in score 775 points, sixth in serve 0.207 per set, fifth in receiving efficiency 42.46 percent, and seventh in Diggs 3.829 per set. Chances are also high that she will win MVP in the regular season for the second consecutive year following last year. Gisele Silva GS Caltex, Yang Hyo-jin, and Moma Basoko Hyundai Engineering & Construction are their competitors, but they are overwhelming in both impact and performance on the team. Jeong Ho-yeong, president of the association, and Lee Da-hyun, president of Hyundai Engineering & Construction, also unanimously said they want to stop Yeon-kyung.

Prospects are not bright enough for him to advance to the championship. This is because he is afraid of the momentum of Jeong Kwan-jang, who ranked third. Jeong Kwan-jang, who once ranked fifth, has advanced to the post season for the first time in seven years by winning seven consecutive games at the end of this season. The two guns of Megawatti Puttywi registered as Mega and outside heater Giovanna Milana Gia from Indonesia are powerful and the setter Yeom Hye-sun is stable. In the sixth round match, Jeong Kwan-jang beat Heung-guk. However, captain Lee So-young, the axis of offense and defense, left the team due to injury. “Park Hye-min to fill Lee So-young’s empty spot is in good condition,” Jeong Kwan-jang coach Ko Hee-jin said.

Even if they defeat Jeong Kwan-jang, they must have a tough championship match with Hyundai Engineering & Construction. Hyundai Engineering & Construction has excellent heights with Yang Hyo-jin and Lee Da-hyun and two middle blockers. Setter Kim Da-in is showing the best performance in the V-League. The outside heaters of Jung Ji-yoon, Wi-Fi Si Tong, Ko Ye-rim and Kim Joo-hyang should cheer up. There is an advantage of being able to rest enough.

However, Kim is determined. After the final match, she said, “I have to endure the difficulties I have physically. I will finish this season well with a sense of responsibility. At most, there are eight matches. I will play without regret.” Avon Dan-ja also said, “I didn’t tell Kim much about it. He was really good, and of course, I believe he will do well in PO. Despite her old age, she has never played on the court.”

The semi-PO for men’s singles will take place in Ansan, the home of OK Financial Group, the third-ranked team. Although OK Financial Group has Leo, the best foreign player in the V-League, Hyundai Capital, the fourth-ranked team, is showing strong performance. Its command tower was replaced during the season, but it gained momentum at the last minute. The team is confident because it beat OK and secured a semi-PO in the final showdown of the regular season. The single-game winning team is all the more difficult to predict. The winning team will face Woori Card, the second-ranked team, in the PO. The championship will be held between Korean Air, which is aiming for the fourth consecutive championship title both in the regular season and the championship title, and the winner of the PO. 온라인카지노사이트

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