Recruitment of Mbappe and Bellingham? Not clever! Manchester United owner’s shock claim

Manchester United owner Jim Ratcliffe has been reluctant to splurge on a player.

“Ratcliffe responded to the claim that Manchester United wanted Mbappe.”

Mbappe’s name has steadily appeared in the transfer market since last summer as his contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) expires after the 2023-2024 season. Currently, Real Madrid seems to be the most likely destination, but when Mbappe’s possible transfer appeared, several English Premier League (EPL) clubs were also considered as teams with the possibility of Mbappe’s transfer.

Manchester United was one of them. Many claimed that as the world’s largest team, it is sufficient to recruit Mbappe, and that Manchester United could also seek Mbappe for the club’s reform. Ratcliffe, the owner of the club, however, refuted the rumor by banking on his philosophy to run the club.

Ratcliffe said, “Rather than spending a lot of money on success, I want to find the next Mbappe. Buying Mbappe is not that clever. Everyone can see that.”

“He’s a great player, but our focus is not on that. Spending a lot of money on two great players is not the solution for the team,” he said of his failure to sign with Bellingham.

Ratcliffe’s argument can be fully understood given the recent situation at Manchester United. Since his retirement from Alex Ferguson, Manchester United has invested too much money in recruiting players to try to solve everything by recruiting players. Marcus Rashford is the only player who has grown up in the club’s youth team and become the mainstay of the team.

Considering this, the argument that the club should raise such a player rather than simply pouring money into recruiting players to produce results makes sense in the long run.

However, it is questionable whether the same should be applied to recruiting top superstars such as Mbappe and Bellingham. The best players in the world, such as Mbappe and Bellingham, are those who can instantly change the quality of the current Manchester United squad. Considering Manchester United’s sluggish performance, it may be positive to challenge them if they have a chance to recruit top-notch superstars. Already, the best teams in Europe, such as Manchester City and Real Madrid, have spared no money in bringing in such players. Manchester City also spared no investment when recruiting Grealish, Holan, and Dubravwinner, and neither did Real. 파워볼실시간

Some fans were also unable to sympathize with Ratcliffe’s remarks. “I’m saying this because I can’t bring such a player,” some fans mocked on social media, saying, “Did you know Mbappe wouldn’t consider Manchester United?”

Ratcliffe said he would focus on improving the club’s acquisition and long-term success for teams like Manchester City. To that end, he is preparing to implement various plans, including club culture and stadium renovation. Whether his club management philosophy will continue to be applauded by Manchester United fans will be another factor to watch the season.

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