The most prolific scorer in the history of the men’s and women’s divisions…and a star in USA Women’s College Basketball

Caitlin Clark (22, University of Iowa), one of the top stars in U.S. women’s college basketball, has become the all-time leading scorer in the NCAA Division I men’s and women’s programs.

The Iowa point guard scored 35 points (nine assists, six rebounds) to lead the Hawkeyes to a 93-83 victory at home against Ohio State on Nov. 4. Clark increased his four-year career scoring total to 3,685 points (130 games), 18 points shy of Pete Maravich’s NCAA men’s record 텍사스홀덤사이트 (3,667 points-83 games) at Louisiana State University (LSU).

It’s hard to make a simple comparison between their records. Maravich scored 3,667 points in three seasons, starting with the 1967-1968 season when he was a sophomore. At the time, freshmen were not allowed to represent their schools in NCAA games, so Maravich’s 19 games with the “freshman team” (741 points) do not count. There was also no 3-point shooting in those days. If Maravich, a shooting guard, had played under today’s rules, he could have scored 5,000 points in college. He was the NBA”s leading scorer (31.1 points per game) in the 1976-1977 season for the New Orleans Jazz (now the Utah Jazz). After playing 10 seasons in the pros, he retired in 1988 at the age of 40 from heart problems.

Like Maravich, who was nicknamed “Pistol,” Clarke has a thunderous mid-range shot. In a game against Michigan last month, he poured in 49 points, including a long-range 3-pointer from about 10 meters from the rim after dribbling down the baseline. On the day, Clarke broke Kelly Plum’s NCAA Division I women’s career scoring record of 3,527 points (2013-2017-Washington University) by 42 points (3,569). Clark also surpassed Lynette Woodard’s record of 3649 points (1977-1981-Kansas University) in the pre-NCAA era late last month. Clarke’s 509 career 3-pointers (38.3 percent) ranks second all-time.

Clarke leads all NCAA women in scoring (32.2 points per game) and assists (8.7 per game) this season and has won two individual titles in both categories, and is favored to win a third. She has a national following, with more than 1 million followers on Instagram. Her home games at Iowa often sell out 15,000 seats. The program is frequently broadcast on ESPN, FOX, and other networks. Iowa finished runner-up in the NCAA Women’s Tournament for the national championship last year and is expected to be a top seed again this year.

Last year, Clarke led the Hawkeyes to a runner-up finish, and in the quarterfinals, they upset the “Invincible Fleet,” South Carolina, which had won 36 straight games. The Hawkeyes lost to LSU in the final, but Clarke’s hype prompted then-First Lady Jill Biden to invite the runner-up to the White House in a variation on the tradition of inviting the winner to the White House.

Clarke, who became the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer, said it was “unthinkable when I started college,” adding, “I don’t really care about personal records because the team goal is what matters. I’ll cheer for the next player who challenges my record. That’s the fun of basketball.”

Clarke, who is graduating, will enter the WNBA this year. She will most likely wear a uniform for the Indiana Fever, who hold the No. 1 overall draft pick. The average ticket price in Indiana, which was $60 last season, has already jumped to $140 (about $80). It’s the Clarke effect.

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