’10 points in the fourth quarter – an ace showdown’ Kim Nak-hyun “I felt like I couldn’t lose”

Daegu KOGAS’s Kim Nak-hyun led his team to victory with a strong performance in the deciding match. “I felt like I shouldn’t have lost,” he said of his showdown with Lee Jung-hyun in the fourth quarter.

KOGAS won 81-75 against Seoul Samsung on Thursday at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea, in the 2023-24 Korean Basketball Association (KBA). KOGAS improved to 4-2 against Samsung 바카라사이트 this season.

KOGAS appeared to have booked an easy victory, leading by as many as 18 points at one point. However, in the fourth quarter, Samsung’s ace Lee Jung-hyun’s fingertips were on fire and the gap narrowed. It was Kim Nak-hyun who responded. Despite being on a playing time restriction due to a sore knee, he matched Lee with back-to-back three-pointers and drive-ins early in the fourth quarter. At that point, the game was never in doubt thanks to Kim’s offensive success. In the end, Samsung collapsed into turnovers, and KOGAS, who had the edge in focus, took the win. Kim finished with 18 points, two rebounds, and two assists. He scored 10 points in the decisive fourth quarter alone, including two three-pointers.

After the game, Nakhyun Kim, who was named the Man of the Match, told the media, “We had a lot of injuries and Andrew Nicholson was out, so we knew it would be a tough game. But the players did a good job of fulfilling the coach’s instructions. It led to a good result,” he said.

Meanwhile, all eyes turned to Kim Nak-hyun’s right knee. It’s a knee that has been under constant care since he was released during the season. “It’s something that every athlete goes through,” said Kim. It’s my first injury like this, so it’s a process of adjustment and rehabilitation. There are some difficulties during matches due to the lack of off-season training, but there is nothing wrong with it.”

He was also asked about his matchup with Lee Jung-hyun early in the fourth quarter. “Actually, I started losing rebounds at that point. I realized that if I lost any more rebounds to Lee, it would be hard to catch up. Samjosef Belangel was not able to rest, so I tried to be aggressive, and it felt good to shoot.”

Kim repeatedly praised Belangel‘s performance. He finished with 24 points, five rebounds, and six assists. “He’s always been able to do this,” Kim said. Everyone is impressed with his floater in training. It’s something I want to emulate,” he said, adding, “Now that he’s signed a new contract, I want to come back in better shape and perform well.”

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