Jung Ji-yoon, who enjoys the game, doesn’t feel pressured by FA

“The more you do it, the more difficult it is, and it’s a position where you have to be responsible. But that’s why it’s fun, and it gives me a sense of challenge.”

Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s outside heater Jung Ji-yoon 22 changed his position from a middle blocker to an outside heater in 2021. This is the third season since turning to an outside heater. He started the season late due to injury, but returned at the end of the first round.

This season, he has a success rate of 31.58% and 19.09% receiving efficiency in 5 games with 42 points. Considering that last season’s 337 point attack success rate was 38.64% and receiving efficiency was 33.52%, the number fell. It seems that the aftermath of the injury is still left.

Whenever that happens, Jung Ji-yoon gets a lot of help from the Asian quarter’s Wipewi Shidong registered name Wipewi. The two players are currently playing as outside heaters for Hyundai Engineering & Construction.

Regarding Jung Ji-yoon, Wipawi said, “Ji-yoon is a younger brother who is so good. There are times when my confidence is low, and every time I do that, I comfort and console myself by saying, “Ji-yoon, it’s okay, you can do it.”

Jung Ji-yoon said, “I joined at the end of the first round. Whenever that happens, Wipawi helps a lot. When I play and practice, I tend to teach a lot about the technical aspects. Also, in Korean, you can do it. He encourages me to say, ‘I can do it,'” he laughed.

The outside heater position is not awkward anymore. I’m getting used to it little by little. Jung Ji-yoon should grow even for Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Korean women’s volleyball.

He said, “The more you do the outside heater position, the more difficult and responsible you have to be. So it’s more fun for me. It’s very hard, but it’s fun to wake up. There is also a sense of challenge,” he said.

Coach Jang Young-ki taught me a lot, and the coach Kang Hyung-sik was also an outside heater. He told me a lot of receptions and paid a lot of attention to technical aspects, he stressed.

Jung Ji-yoon will qualify for free agency for the first time since his debut if he finishes this season safely. He is building a successful career with a career success rate of 39.28 percent with 1,495 points in 157 games in his professional career. You can also see various positions such as outside heaters, middle blockers, and apogit spikers. You can be a candidate for another team.

“I didn’t care about the FA after I got injured. I don’t care even now. The priority is to improve my skills. I try not to think about it on purpose,” he smiled. 먹튀검증

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