World Class Fullback, Green Light for Real

Jeremy Frimpong (22, Leverkusen) is increasingly likely to move.

Germany’s “Sky Sports” reported on the 29th that “Primpong is seriously considering leaving Leverkusen in the transfer market next summer.”

Frimpong left Celtic in 2021 and entered Leverkusen. Thanks to his explosive speed and smooth connection ability, he was evaluated to grow into a top player in the future.

The potential was in full bloom last season. He has scored nine goals and 11 assists in 48 games throughout all competitions. It was enough to be praised as the best right-back in the Bundesliga.

His performance has continued this season. He has already scored six goals and seven assists in 17 games. The prevailing expectation is that he will leave a better record than last season.

The explosive rise was also spotted on the radar network of big clubs. Real Madrid, Manchester United (Manchester United), Chelsea and Liverpool are said to be interested in recruiting Frimpong.

The most active team is Real. Real have picked Frimpong as the long-term successor to Daniel Carvajal, who is showing signs of aging.

The possibility of a transfer cannot be ruled out. According to the report, Primpong will have a buyout clause active from next summer. The buyout amount is 40 million euros (about 57 billion won), which is considered cheap considering Primpong’s skills.

The player himself started to think about transferring. Sky Sports said, “Big clubs are willing to pay a buyout to sign Frimpong. “Primpong has begun to consider taking on new challenges,” he said. 먹튀검증

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