The Cullen Commission is looking at a new money laundering story

British Columbia’s Money Laundering Investigation Committee faces more hearings that will change the last day of October. A public inquiry into money laundering will resume in the state on Monday, October 26. The witness line participating in this part of the investigation aims to shed more light on this topic.

I can recall that on the last day of September there was an official announcement that the open investigation into money laundering would have to be delayed. The reason was the British Columbia general election. The 42nd elected members of the legislature in the province of Canada on October 24. Two days later, a public inquiry was scheduled to return.

Public investigations into money laundering were originally scheduled to resume on October 13. However, the nature of these hearings is likely to affect the integrity of the election process. Money Laundering Investigator Austin Cullen noted that preserving the Commission’s independence at the time was of paramount importance. This is what made delay mandatory.

Cullen Commission Heard Confused Money Laundering Information
Because hearings often create a good environment for speculation, their Oct. 13 start was considered inappropriate. The list of individuals that will appear on October 26 includes people with personal experience in the area of local gambling. They are part of the hearing because they can provide a unique perspective on the situation. Steve Bikma is one of the participants in the hearing. He is an expert on anti-money laundering projects for the British Columbia Lottery Company.

B.C. Money Laundering Open Investigation Phase 2
In addition, he is a former Great Canadian Gaming Corporation surveillance shift manager and has a story to share ahead of the committee. Another contestant will be Stone Lee, a BCLC investigator and former Great Canadian Gaming Corporation watchdog. It should be taken into account that Gordon Freeson, the former BCLC investigation manager and former RCMP chief, will also attend this week’s hearing.

an extensive hearing
Now that the election is over, they and a few others will have the opportunity to speak freely and not worry about the impact on people’s choices on election day. Ward Claffham, the former superintendent of Richmond RCMP, is also expected to share his experience with British Columbia’s money laundering practices.

Commissioner Austin Cullen has approved the first phase of the money laundering investigation
The Cullen Commission aims to learn more about local-scale money laundering practices, as is generally stated. Sectors such as real estate, gaming, financial institutions, and business and professional sectors have been identified as vulnerable in overall planning. Casino locations in British Columbia have been identified as laundry in the past.

Is Ontario the next money laundering safe haven?
Richmond’s River Rock Casino is rumored to have been laundering large amounts of cash by local private lenders, encouraging high roller’s gaming activities. An interim report focusing on everything heard so far is expected on 15 November. In May 2021, there is a possibility that the final report released by the Cullen Commission after all hearings will be published. 바카라사이트

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