‘Mercenary-class’ Jeong Jung-yong “wants to take a good chance” on filling the vacant seats

Korean Air’s outside hitter Jeong Jung-yong (22) is in full bloom in his third year of professional volleyball.

He led his team to victory with 29 points (65.00% attack success rate), including three blocks, against KB Insurance at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on Nov. 28.

He was responsible for more points than Korean Air’s foreign player Lincoln Williams (13 points) and matched the firepower of the opposing team’s foreign player Andres Biyena (31 points).

It’s a rare scoring distribution in Korean volleyball, which typically favors foreign players.

Jeong Jung-yong set new career highs in points (29), attack points (26), attack percentage (30.3%), and blocks (3).

He took advantage of the absence of “gunman” Jeong Ji-seok due to a back injury and made his mark as the next ace.

“I’ve always wanted to play,” Jung said after the game, adding, “It’s bad for the team and for my brothers to be sick, but it’s a great opportunity for me. I want to seize the opportunity,” he said confidently.

Jeong Jung-yong, who was responsible for four points in the fifth set with a 100 percent attack success rate, said, “When the ball comes up when it’s important, it’s a burden, but the coach said, ‘You have to overcome it to grow,’ so I’m trying to hit it boldly even if I make mistakes.”

Setter Yoo Kwang-woo, who also played alongside Jung Jung-yong, called him “a player with enough potential and skill,” and said, “I think we need to push him a lot as a senior so that we can have another ace.”

Yoo Kwang-woo cited the amount of training as the key to Korean Air’s ability to stay competitive despite the absence of key players like Jeong Ji-seok and Kim Min-jae.

“It’s a cliché answer, but it’s because of practice,” Yoo said. “It’s a momentary thing, and the strength to endure it comes from practice and skill.”

“I think a good team is one where you can’t tell who is in the starting lineup,” he added. 스포츠토토

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