MGM Resorts Builds New Customer Data Platform

MGM Resorts has opened a new way to personalize the customer experience by building Amperties’ leading enterprise Customer Data Platform to help resolve third-party IDs and provide access to previously unavailable data and insights.

MGM partnered with Ampersity to replace older systems that took several days to access customer data and were often fragmented and inaccurate. By making Customer 360 easy to use by Ampersity’s platform, MGM is delivering enhanced experiences and promoting through messages and promotions to customers before, during, or at key moments after a customer visit.

“It’s a complete game-changer to be able to trust and access your data in less than an hour,” said Prakash Ranjan, MGM’s vice president of engineering, marketing technology and digital ventures. “There have been teams discussing the accuracy and effectiveness of customer data models across the company, but with Ampacity, we’re no longer wasting our time figuring out who our customers really are. Each team is now more productive and can do something for the benefit of our customers.” 슬롯사이트 추천

With Ampacity’s CDP, MGM has achieved:
A single universal customer 360 database that replaces multiple individual team databases
Provides more accurate information to customers by significantly deduplication of records
Ability to create flexible predictive modeling that takes customer experience beyond gaming

“The travel and hospitality industry is under particular pressure to deliver business outcomes despite the weight of its day-to-day operations,” said Kabir Shahani, CEO of Ampowery. “It is enterprise brands like MGM Resorts that quickly recognized that without a comprehensive customer data base, their businesses were too error-prone, too slow, and lacked the ability to positively impact their bottom lines. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Prakash and his team are helping the company experience strong business outcomes by taking the necessary steps to strengthen the link between data-driven insights and guest experiences.”

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