KCC wins second consecutive playoff round in the round of 6

The professional basketball KCC has won two consecutive semifinal playoffs and is close to the semifinal playoffs.

KCC defeated SK 99-72, in the second round of the professional basketball semifinal playoff in Jamsil, Seoul.

It was a close game with only a three-point gap until the third quarter, but in the fourth quarter, KCC scored 32 points and tied SK to eight points, making it a great victory.

KCC played with Ra Gun-ah scoring 23 points and Heo Woong scoring 17 points, while SK struggled with Warnie scoring 18 points and Oh Jae-hyun scoring 14 points, but failed to prevent defeat.

KCC, which won a great deal until the second game following the first game, will advance to the semifinal playoff with just one more win. 릴게임

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