About 600 million won for the 1st place that was delivered

Guess the result of the 22nd round of the EPL and Serie A games

Sports Toto Korea, a consignment company of Sports Toto, a sports promotion voting ticket issued by the Korea Sports Promotion Agency, said that no first-place hit occurred in the 22nd round of the Soccer Toto crew loss, which targeted a total of 14 games, including seven English Premier League EPL matches and seven Italian professional football Serie A matches, from the 6th to the 8th, and as a result, about 600 million won of the first-place hit will be carried over to the 23rd round.

According to the results of the 22nd round of the Soccer Toto crew defeat released on April 8, there was no single hit. As a result, 628.207 million won will be carried over to the next round, the 23rd round.

In addition to the first place, the number of hits and individual refunds for the second to fourth places were second 10 cases/2,5128,280 won, third 134 cases/937,630 won, and fourth 1,081 cases/232,460 won, and the total number of hits for the first to fourth places was 1,225 cases.

The 23rd round of the Soccer Toto crew plaque, which follows, began to be released at 8 a.m. on the 7th, and will be available for purchase through Sports Toto stores nationwide and official online release site Betman until 9:50 p.m. on April 9.

The 22nd round of the Soccer Toto crew defeat, unexpected results unfolding, and the participants are struggling…Participation in the 23rd round, which has been carried over 600 million won for the first place, can be made until the 9th

In the 22nd round of the Soccer Toto crew defeat for 14 overseas soccer matches, unpredictable results occurred, and no one got all 14 matches right. Of the 14 matches, six were won winning by the home team, five were lost losing by the home team, and three were drawn between the two teams. 토토사이트

First, Liverpool, which is currently competing with Arsenal for first place, was expected to have a slight advantage in the Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool 10 games, but the actual result was only 2-2 with two goals each other.

The match between Sheffield United and Chelsea 13 matches also produced rather unexpected results. Chelsea is currently ranked ninth in the league this season. The match does not match with Chelsea, which is considered a traditional powerhouse. However, it was predicted that the team would take the upper hand in the match against Sheffield United, which is ranked 20th, the lowest in the league, but this also resulted in a 2-2 draw.

In Serie A, Napoli, ranked 7th in the league 48 points, played against AC Monza, which is located 11th 42 points. The two teams, which do not have a big difference in points, were not able to compete 0-0 in their last confrontation, so this match was expected to be a tight match, but this match ended with Napoli’s victory 4-2.

In this regard, an official from Sports Toto Korea said, “As a result of a number of results that are difficult to predict in the 22nd round of the Soccer Toto crew loss, it can be interpreted that the participants failed to hit the first place due to difficulties,” adding, “We ask for the attention and participation of many soccer fans in the 23rd round of Soccer Toto, where the first-place hit of about 600 million won has been carried over.”

On the other hand, detailed game analysis for the 23rd round of the Soccer Toto crew loss can be found on the official online release site Bettoman’s Toto Guide page.


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