Women’s Volleyball FA Market Opens

Finally, the door to the free contract FA market has opened.

The Korea Volleyball Federation KOVO released the list of 18 female FA players on Thursday. They can negotiate for two weeks until 6 p.m. on Thursday.

In the V-League, which applies the FA rating system, players with an annual salary of more than 100 million won are in grade A, players with an annual salary of less than 50 million won to less than 100 million won are in grade B, and players with an annual salary of less than 50 million won are in grade C.

A team that has recruited an A-rated player shall compensate the original team with 200 percent of its annual salary for the previous season and 300 percent of the annual salary of one of the six protected players including the option of protecting or protecting FA players for the current year or the player that has been recruited for the previous season. The method of compensation is determined by the original team.

Clubs that recruit B or C-grade players only need to pay compensation without compensation players. The compensation for B-grade players is 300 percent of the entire season’s annual salary and 150 percent for C-grade players.

Outside heater Kang So-hwi grade A is considered one of the biggest competitors. Having played for GS Caltex from the 2015-2016 season, Kang became the second FA player following 2021. He is armed with quality skills in both offense and defense. He can play for any team. He has gained experience in international competitions as a member of the women’s national volleyball team.

In this season, he scored 444 points in 35 games, had an offensive success rate of 39.30 percent, had an efficient reception of 37.02 percent, and posted 3.297 per set of digs. He ranked 10th in overall success rate in offense, eighth in receptions, ninth in digs, and seventh in defense 5.703 per set among all players in the league. It was regrettable that he struggled in the latter half of this season.

The total compensation for the women’s team in the 2024-2025 season is 2.9 billion won 2 billion won for salary cap + 600 million won for option cap + 300 million won for victory, and the maximum compensation per player is 800 million won 500 million won per year + 300 million won for option. Attention is focusing on whether Kang So-hwi will be able to open the era of 800 million won in compensation for the first time in the women’s team.

Other than Kang, there are many players who stand out in outside heater positions. Lee So-young earned her third FA qualification this year. Lee, who debuted at GS Caltex in the 2012-2013 season and served as a general counsel from the 2021-2022 season, is also an attractive resource. She is a player who can support her team by banking on her team’s aggressive capability and stable defense.

Lee had 215 points in 26 games this season, 37.95 percent in attack success rate, 43.80 percent in receiving efficiency, and 3.724 per Dig set. Due to chronic shoulder injury, she underwent surgery on her right shoulder at the end of last season. After rehabilitation, she improved her condition and returned. She ruptured ligament in her left ankle at the end of the season, preventing her from participating in the post season. Her injury history may concern each club.

Jeong Ji-yoon Grade A and Heungkuk Life Insurance captain Kim Mi-yeon Grade A, who also won the combined title of Hyundai Engineering & Construction this year, were also on the market. Jeong is the first FA player, and her strength is her powerful attack. Kim Mi-yeon is the third FA player who can play the role of a breadwinner.

Teams that need to strengthen their middle blockers are keeping an eye on Park Eun-jin and Lee Ju-ah Grade A. They are representative middle blockers in the league.

Having played for the Jeonggwanjang from the 2018-2019 season, Park became the first FA player this year. She scored 221 points in 35 games this season, had an attack success rate of 46.33 percent, and 0.530 per set of blocks. She ranked third in fast attack 50.61% in attack success rate and seventh in blocking in the league.

Lee Ju-ah is also the first FA player. Having played the central role of Heungkuk Life Insurance since the 2018-2019 season, Lee scored 214 points in 34 games this season, 41.96 percent in attack success rate, and 0.617 per set of blocks. She ranks fifth in fast attack 47.03 percent in attack success rate and fourth in blocking rate in the league.

In addition, setter Lee Won-jung, outside heater Park Hye-min, Libero Han Da-hye, and setter Kim Ha-kyung Grade A also qualified as FA.

One variable is whether Heungkuk Life Insurance’s outside heater Kim Yeon-koung will retire. Known as the “volleyball empress,” Kim Yeon-koung has been agonizing over whether to extend her active career after the end of this season. If Kim leaves the court, Heungkuk Life Insurance will have to find a new outside heater. It could emerge as a big player in the FA market. 토토사이트

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