KOVO announces 17 FA players in men’s 2024 division

With men’s professional volleyball ending with Korean Air’s fourth consecutive victory, the free agent FA market will be held.

The Korea Volleyball Federation KOVO announced 17 players who are qualified as FA for men’s teams on the 5th.

Negotiations will take place for two weeks after the FA is announced. After that, a player to be protected must be presented by 12 a.m. on Wednesday, and a player to be compensated must be selected by 18 a.m. on Tuesday.

FA players are divided into three groups: A, B, and C, with different compensation methods. The annual salary of more than 250 million won will become Group A. When transferring, the FA players must compensate with one player nominated by the original team among players other than 200 percent of the previous season’s annual salary and five protected players set by the club, or pay a transfer fee of 300 percent of the original team’s annual salary for the previous season. The compensation method is determined by the original team.

In Group B, players with an annual salary of less than 100 million won to 250 million won 2,240 U.S. dollars are required to pay 300 percent of the entire season’s annual salary. Grade C is players with an annual salary of less than 100 million won 890,000 dollars and must be compensated 150 percent of the entire season’s annual salary.

Among the 17, Group A has five players: Han, Cha Ji-hwan, Kim Myung-kwan, Lee Si-mon, and Noh Jae-wook. Oh Eun-yeol, Jeong Seong-gyu, Bu Yong-chan, Cha Young-seok, Kim Kwang-guk, Shin Jang-ho, Son Tae-hoon, Son Hyun-jong, Jeon Jin-sun, Kim Hong-jeong, Korean Min, and Hong Sang-hyuk are in Group B. There are no Class C players. 토토사이트

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance produced the largest number of five FA players.

The notable name is setter Han. Born in 1985, Han has already become the fourth FA player, and has led Korean Air to its fourth consecutive win this year by banking on its unwavering performance.

Outside heater Cha Ji-hwan earned his first FA qualification. Cha Ji-hwan helped OK Financial Group, which ranks third in the regular league, advance to the championship game.

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