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In January, a leader who was suspended for a total of eight years for manipulating high school soccer matches and stealing AD cards was sentenced to 10 months in prison in the first trial for forcibly harassing the mother of a student player by calling her room during the off-season training. The Seoul Southern District Court Judge Yoon Chan-young sentenced the accused A 49 to 10 months in prison and to complete a 40-hour sexual violence treatment program. “He called the victim, who was coming to support his son’s training at the resort where the winter training took place, to his bedroom and molested the victim while showing an attitude that he was asking for sex,” the court wrote. “In light of the relationship between the victim and the defendant, it is clear that the trauma suffered by the victim is huge, and the crime is very bad.” The forced harassment took place in Changnyeong, South Gyeongsang Province, in January 2023. The team that had the off-season training at that time is now a high school club team in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province.

The victim demanded additional disciplinary action against the victim because he was active during the suspension of his qualifications. However, the ethics center recently rejected the request. “Although the violation of human rights of forced harassment was confirmed to be true, the victim was suspended by the Korea Football Association’s Fair Trade Commission in May 2020 and cannot be registered as a leader of the association until May 2027,” the center said. “As per the regulations of the Korea Sports Fair Trade Commission, disciplinary action cannot be taken against the accused.” Leaders who are not registered under the FTC regulations are not subject to punishment. Due to this regulation, the Korea Football Association has not been able to impose punishment. “If a person is convicted of a sex offense, he or she can be expelled according to the association’s regulations,” an association official said. “The association’s Fair Trade Commission has reviewed the case and will impose severe punishment.” “However, if A files an administrative lawsuit based on the rules of the sports association, which is the highest-ranking organization in the sports world, additional disciplinary action by the association may be canceled,” he or she added. Unless the rules of the sports association, the highest-ranking organization in the sports world, similar victims will inevitably come out, and similar perpetrators will not be able to withdraw from the organization even if they continue their violations.

The National Sports Promotion Act is superior to the regulations of the Korean Sports Council. Article 12 of the National Sports Promotion Act is as follows.

Article 12 of the National Sports Promotion Act Cancellation of Qualifications of Sports Leaders, etc.: The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism may revoke a sports leader’s qualification or suspend his/her qualification within five years if he/she falls under any of the following subparagraphs: Provided, That if he/she falls under any of subparagraphs 1 through 4, his/her qualification shall be revoked.

  1. Where he/she acquires the qualification of a sports leader by false or other fraudulent means
  2. Where a person has performed his/her duties during the suspension of qualifications
  3. Where the sports instructor’s certificate is lent to another person
  4. In cases falling under any of the subparagraphs of Article 11-5 the main point is that a person sentenced to imprisonment or higher cannot become a leader within a certain period of time

As such, the National Sports Promotion Act stipulates that if a leader performs a duty during a suspension of his/her qualification, he/she should cancel the duty beyond the possibility of revocation of his/her qualification. It is natural that the regulations of the Korea Sports Council, which are ignoring this, should be revised. “A plan or system should be prepared to enhance the effectiveness of disciplinary action while eliminating blind spots of disciplinary action and to manage and supervise whether disciplinary action is implemented,” a source in the sports community said. 안전 토토사이트 “The KOC should revise the regulations so that those involved in the blind spot of disciplinary action can be severely punished.” “If the committee does not change the rules, it will neglect similar victims even if they continue to appear,” another source said. “Healthy and transparent relationships between leaders, athletes, and parents can be established only when the leader who committed wrongdoing is severely punished.”

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