Korea Loses 0-2 to Japan

The 23rd Denso Cup Korea-Japan University Football Regular Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Denso Cup Korea-Japan Regular Exhibition) was successfully completed with the enthusiasm of more than 1,800 audiences.

The Korean starting team, led by Hannam University coach Park Kyu-sun, lost 0-2 to the Japanese starting team in the Korea-Japan regular match of the Denso Cup held at Anyang Stadium on the 24th.

In the match, the two teams continued to play a tight race from the beginning, but finished the first half without scoring. In the 10th and 25th minutes of the second half, Uchinoro of the Japanese starting team opened the goal for the Korean starting team one after another with fierce momentum. In response, the Korean starting team also continued to shoot aggressively, but the game ended with the victory of the Japanese starting team without opening the goal of the Japanese starting team with solid teamwork.

Yasuhiko Yamazaki, vice president of Denso, said, “We are very happy that the Denso Cup Korea-Japan regular game was successfully completed thanks to the support of many spectators,” adding, “We were proud to be able to realize the growth of the players of both countries through the Denso Cup, and Denso will continue to support the growth and exchange of college football between the two countries.”

Earlier, the two teams tied for the championship with a 2-2 draw at the 1st and 2nd grade college football championships held a day before the Korea-Japan regular match at the Denso Cup, and the Japanese women’s college football team won the championship 1-4.

The Denso Cup is a Japanese college football regional competition sponsored by global auto parts company Denso for more than 30 years, and has supported the development of college football and sports exchanges between the two countries by holding the Korea-Japan regular matches since 1997. Under Denso’s continued sponsorship, the Korea-Japan regular matches have established themselves as a place to cultivate talented people who provide opportunities for growth for college players in Korea and Japan. Since last year, it has expanded and operated the first and second grade Championship League and women’s college football matches, providing players with more diverse opportunities for growth. 안전 토토사이트

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