After Chelsea left, they scored 20 goals together

You may be regretting it by this point.

AC Milan defeated Slavia Prague 3-1 in the second leg of the 2023-24 UEFA Europa League (UEL) round of 16 at Fortuna Arena in Prague, Czech Republic, on the 15th. AC Milan, which won 4-2 in the first leg, advanced to the quarterfinals with a combined score of 7-3 in the first and second games.

Prague went on the offensive to turn the situation around, but AC Milan first broke the balance of the match. The main character was Christian Pulisic. Pulisic took a pass from Rafael Leão in the 33rd minute and scored Prague’s net with an elaborate shot.

AC Milan then scored another goal three minutes later. It was Ruben Loftus-Cheek’s goal. Cheek finished in front of the goal with a pass from Theo Hernández, who came quickly from the left. AC Milan then advanced to the quarterfinals thanks to an additional goal from Rafael Leão.

Cheek and Pulisic, who scored for AC Milan on the day, are from Chelsea, coincidentally. Both players left Chelsea and joined AC Milan ahead of this season. They wanted more chances.

Pulisic left Borussia Dortmund and joined Chelsea in 2019 after being recognized for his potential at an early age. He performed well in his first season, but gradually lost his position due to a combination of injuries and poor performances. However, after moving to AC Milan, his talent is in full bloom again. He has scored 11 goals and eight assists in a total of 38 matches so far. Considering that he only scored one goal and two assists in 30 matches last season, he has rightly declared a revival. 토토사이트

Cheek had high expectations for Chelsea FC as a midfielder. However, due to frequent injuries, Cheek failed to grow as much as he had hoped and his position at Chelsea FC was reduced. In the end, Cheek chose to move to AC Milan with Pulisic, a successful choice. Cheek played in 33 matches last season and had only two assists, but has nine goals and two assists in 33 matches this season.

Chelsea, which sent the two players, are currently struggling by ranking 11th in the Premier League. It has strengthened its power by recruiting Christopher Nkunku and Moises Caicedo by investing a large amount of money, but has not been able to get back on track until now.

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