Tottenham’s 101 Billion Won Scam, Transformation For A Reason

Blood is thicker than water. The “fellowship” of Tottenham’s Brazilian duo makes me tear up.

Emerson talked about Hishalisson’s “revolving life.” Hishalisson transferred from Everton to Tottenham for a transfer fee of 60 million pounds (about 101 billion won) in the summer of 2022.

However, he was a epitome of “eat and run.” He only scored one goal in the English Premier League in his first season.

There was a sharp reversal in this season. While Son was away at the Qatar Asian Cup, Hishalee received attention as the main striker. Early last month, he scored nine goals in eight matches in the EPL, marking his first double-digit goal (10 goals) since moving to Tottenham.

Hisalisson has missed the last two games due to a knee injury. Emerson, who settled in Tottenham in the summer of 2021, a year before Hisalisson, recently appeared on Brazil’s popular YouTube channel “desimpedidos” with Hisalisson.

“I’m really happy to see Hishalisson score every game now,” he said, bringing up the past. “I told Hishalisson every day, ‘Focus on the game, the ball will come, the ball will score, and I will be the best as I continue to be selected for the national team,'” Emerson said.

But it is true that Hishalisson was not able to settle down. “He was a stubborn man. And he began to understand that his world was out there, not just him and his room and his house, but another world that could help him and further develop him,” Emerson explained.

He continued, “Everyone who knows Hishalee Song has said through my friends, ‘Hishalee Song has changed a lot. He is a different person today. He shares more ideas and says, ‘It’s not even closed anymore.’ I believe he did this. Mental counseling will broaden his mind and make him grow further for the future.” 토토사이트

“He speaks Portuguese and Spanish. I think his self-esteem and way of life are very similar to those of us in Brazil. He is a friend. I really like him. Now he is our captain. He is taking on more responsibilities,” Emerson once praised Son.

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