The Reason Why The Porto Coach Was Angry

It is alleged that Mikel Arteta insulted Porto’s mother, Sergio Conceição

Arsenal went as far as the penalty shootout as they tied Porto 1-1 in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 in the 2023-24 season at the Emirates Stadium in London, England, at 5 a.m. on the 13th, winning 4-2. They reached the quarterfinals for the first time in 14 years after the 2009-10 season.

After the game, Concei-Sang and Arteta were seen having an argument. When Concei-Sang whispered, Arteta reacted nervously and the two ended with a frown. Concei-Sang drew attention as he also clashed with Arteta, following Thomas Tuchel and Pep Guardiola.

Curiousness was focused on the reason. “Arteta said something to insult our family in Spanish towards our bench during the game. I told you to say that the person you insulted is no longer with us and to focus on training the team to play much better and have enough quality,” Concey said.

Arsenal reportedly denied it, but the British Daily Mail reported what Arteta said in Spanish. “An Arsenal source mentioned Arteta’s insult to his mother in Spanish. This comment was also heard by the players sitting on the bench in Porto, beyond Conceição,” he said.

Concei-sang’s mother has a story to tell. Concei-sang’s parents both passed away. Concei-sang died when he was a teenager, and his mother passed away due to health problems after living in a wheelchair for a long time. Concei-sang’s father reportedly died in a motorcycle accident the day after Concei-sang signed a contract with Porto. 토토

Concei-Sang, who had a hard time as a young player, retired after a successful career. He recently paid tribute by posting a picture of his mother on social media. If Arteta made an insulting remark to Concei-Sang, as the Daily Mail claimed, it is natural to be angry.

Asked about Concey’s move to the quarterfinals, Arteta said after the match, “I’m really happy and want more. I have nothing to say (about Concey’s coach). Thank you.”

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