“AGAIN 2017” Gyeongsangnamdo Chung Hyeoncheol,

Chung Hyeoncheol, a “promotion icon,” returned to Gyeongnam FC. He will once again challenge for promotion with Gyeongnam.

Kyungnam FC’s Chung Hyeoncheol attended an autonomous interview for the KLeague winter offseason training at Grand Mercure Ambassador Changwon, located in Changwon Special City, Gyeongsangnamdo.

Chung made his debut as a pro in South Gyeongsang Province. He played in 14 games one goal in the 2015 season in the KLeague 2, and 32 games five goals and four assists in the 2016 season, and played in 33 games seven goals and three assists in the 2017 season, contributing greatly to his team’s win and promotion to the KLeague 1.

After moving to FC Seoul the following year, Chung played 16 games in the 2018 season, 30 games in the 2019 season, and 10 games in the 2020 season before joining the Gimcheon Sangmu team. He achieved another promotion in Gimcheon. He played in 19 KLeague 2 games in the 2021 season, and Gimcheon won the title with overwhelming results and headed to the KLeague 1 stage. Chung then returned to Seoul and his contract expired at the end of last season, and he will join hands with progovernment Gyeongnam again ahead of the 2024 season.

He is aiming for his third career promotion. “I was promoted not just once but twice around the world, so I was told a lot about ‘the spirit of promotion’. I have joined the team and am training hard, and I think I will get good results this year,” he said, expressing expectations.

Chung told Gyeongnam fans, “I’m so happy to be back. I want to meet the fans at the stadium as soon as possible. As I’m back, I’ll do my best to promote myself again by showing good performances at the stadium with good memories from the past. I hope you support Gyeongnam a lot, and I hope you come to the stadium a lot.”

An interview with Chung Hyeoncheol of Gyeongnam FC.

How do you feel about returning to Gyeongnam.

I’m so happy to be back in Gyeongnam, my old team. After I came, I felt at ease. I felt comfortable as if I were home. Many fans welcomed me and I remembered a lot of good memories at the training ground, stadium, and lodging.

What is the decisive reason for returning to Gyeongnam.

The biggest choice was made after looking at the coach. Also, Gyeongnam is my old team and we were promoted together in the past. It’s a team with a lot of good memories, so I always thought that I wanted to come back when I moved to Seoul from here. I think I came back from that.

It’s an important time for Gyeongnam, and they have to get promoted. I’ve been in good spirits since I won Gyeongnam and Gimcheon military service, but do you think I’ll come again this year.

I think it will come. People around me said a lot of ‘elevation’ because I’ve been promoted not once but twice. I’ve joined the team and been training hard, and I think I’ll get good results this year.

How is your physical condition and how is your chemistry with your colleagues while training.

In the beginning, I trained a lot with both physical training, and now my physical strength has definitely improved. Breathing was unfamiliar to me because there were not many players when I was there in the past, and I needed to talk. As I conduct training, I am trying to keep up with it by talking a lot. Now I think I am in a good position to some extent.

Since the number of games last season was small, I think I’ll have a lot of desire to play.

As a player, I want to play a lot. It’s a part that everyone needs. I also think playing as a player is the first thing.

He chose No. 24. Yoon Jootae also wanted it.

I told Joo Taehyung Yoon ‘Why didn’t you come earlier?’ laughs. When I was in Gyeongnam at first, I did it 24 times. At that time, it didn’t mean much, so I did it because I was 24. And at that time, JiSoo Park was 23 years old, so I did it 23 times. I did it according to my age. I said it would work out well. I’ve done it 24 times since then, and it’s sweet in Seoul. This year is 2024, so I think I’m receiving a lot of good energy.

Let’s predict the KLeague 2 game this season.

Honestly, I don’t know. Our team reinforced well, but it’s true that other teams reinforced well. No one is easy, no one is weak. I think I’ll know until the end. The start is important, but I think the game will be decided depending on how you do it until the end.

What’s your goal for the 2024 season.

I think it’s more important to go with the team goal than the individual goal. The coach asked me to go with him as a team for a year. I will also put the team first and aim for promotion with the team members. My goal is to play a lot individually and become a helpful player for the team.

The team will play its home opening game in the second round. How would it feel to be on the stage of Changwon Football Center for the first time in a while.

I think something will be touching, and I will get goosebumps. I think I will get good energy when I enter and see the fans. So I think a good play will come out.

Have you heard from any fans that you remember.

Fans sent messages on SNS. Among them, a fan named Dain has been supporting me ever since I was in Gyeongnam and even when I went to Seoul. You showed constant support. I was grateful, but when I came to Gyeongnam, he called me and congratulated me. He said he wanted to see me soon.

What do you want to say to Gyeongnam fans.

I’m so happy to be back. I want to say hello to the fans at the stadium as soon as possible. As I’m back, I’ll do my best to promote myself again by showing good performances at the stadium with fond memories of the past. I hope you support Gyeongnam a lot, and I hope you come to the stadium a lot. 메이저 토토사이트

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