Manchester United Owner’s Emphasis

The U.K.’s Daily Mail reported an interview with James Ratcliffe, the new Manchester United chairman, on the 22nd. Ratcliffe stressed that Manchester United should learn from Manchester City.

Manchester United officially announced on its website in December last year that “Manchester United signed a contract with Ineos Group Chairman Jim Ratcliffe to acquire 25% of Class B shares and 25% of Manchester United’s Class A shares.”

Ratcliffe has been the founder of the group Ineos, one of the richest men in Britain. Ratcliffe has reportedly paid 1.3 billion pounds W2.685 trillion to take a 25 percent stake in Manchester United.

Ratcliffe said, “I’ve always been a fan of Manchester United since I was six or seven years old. Manchester, where I grew up when I was young, was half sky blue and half red. My family liked red, so if I liked other colors, I would have to leave home.”

Ratcliffe also showed interest in bidding for Chelsea before acquiring a stake in Manchester United. He said, “It’s simple. We’re interested in a variety of interesting sports such as Formula One, America’s Cup, cycling, etc. At the time, we didn’t think Manchester United would sell its stake.”

“Chelsea and Manchester United are incomparable. Manchester United is bigger than any other club in London,” he said. “Old Trafford is a very interesting place. It was the center of the industrial revolution. There was no transportation at the time, so people who finished their duty walked to the stadium. This is the history of the club,” he said, explaining the meaning of Old Trafford, Manchester United’s home stadium.

At the same time, he insisted, “We can learn a lot from noisy neighbors Man City and other neighbors.”

Alex Ferguson, the former manager of Manchester United’s heyday, said, “We have noisy neighbors. They will always be noisy.” He called Manchester City a noisy neighbor after beating Manchester City, which began to emerge rapidly in 2009 when the team was dominating the Premier League.

Ratcliffe said, “They are a reasonable organization and they have a lot of great people. They are passionate and work in the best environment. I respect them very much. But they are still our enemies.”

Ratcliffe, however, emphasized that even if you learn from Liverpool and Manchester City, you should not lose your fighting spirit against them. You have to learn from your enemies and overcome your opponent.

In an exclusive interview with Manchester United’s official channel MUTV, Ratcliffe also stressed once again that the reason he took over the team was not “money,” but “fanship.” “I’m not looking to make money from the acquisition of Manchester United. I just want Manchester United to do well,” he said.

Ratcliffe said, “I’m already making enough money in my main business, including chemistry, oil, and gas. Honestly, I have no intention of making money from the acquisition of Manchester United,” adding, “I did this because I wanted to buy Manchester United, not investment.”

“Manchester United has not been successful for the past 11 years. Now Manchester United has to go back up. We have to go back to the top of the sport again,” he said. 파워볼사이트 추천

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