Cusco-L3C Takes The Lead in Popularizing Layout 3 Cushions

On the 18th, Cusco-L3C Business Agreement was signed
Complement layout 3 cushion function on scoreboard
A layout 3-cushion hobby competition will also be promoted within this year

Scoreboard companies Kusco and L3C Korea (L3C Korea) will join hands to revitalize the layout 3 cushion, a new 3 cushion game method.

Kusco CEO Park Jung-kyu and L3C Korea CEO Choi Hyun-mi signed a business agreement on the 18th to popularize layout 3 cushions.

With the signing of the agreement, Kusco will add related functions to its scoreboard so that more billiards can enjoy the layout 3 cushion game.

In addition, under consultation with Kusco and L3C Korea, it was decided to hold a layout 3 cushion competition for hobbyists this year.

“We expect this business agreement to serve as an opportunity for 3 cushions to take another leap forward,” said Kusco CEO Park Jung-kyu. 스포츠토토

The layout 3 cushion is a method of re-arranging the ball by matching the two objects with a water polo when it is difficult to deploy, and then attempting an attack. It is designed to prevent the 3-cushion game from being overly defensive, and the layout shot can only be used at the first stroke of each inning after the opponent’s attack is over.

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