“Cheonan Idol” Who Limped Out Of The Court With Half A Dozen

In the fourth set, which was trailing 1-2, Hyundai Capital did not give up and succeeded in chasing 16-18 under its chin.

Acting coach Jin Soon-ki put in Lee Si-woo, judging that he was the match-winner, and aimed for “Siu Time” that he showed in the third set once again. After being handed the ball, Lee bounced the ball to the floor three times as he did in his serve routine, and rolled the ball once in his hand. Then, after taking a deep breath, he lifted the ball high and jumped up vigorously. The ball, which fed a lot of rotation with his right hand, flew towards the opponent’s court after drawing a large parabolic drop. He tried his best to serve Cha Ji-hwan from OK Financial Group, but the ball failed to cross the net and fell to Hyundai Capital Court. He failed to serve.

After serving, however, Lee Si-woo fell to the court holding his left ankle and complained of pain while holding his head. He strained his ankle while landing. He was given trainer treatment but was unable to play, and was eventually helped by teammates and was replaced limping.

After the game, however, Lee Si-woo left the stadium wearing Ban Ki-ps. According to a Hyundai Capital official, “A simple ankle sprain will allow him to return after the All-Star break.”

Lee Si-woo is the sixth pick in the first round of the 2016-2017 draft, and Hyundai Capital’s uniform is an outsider heater. At 188 centimeters tall, he is a relatively small player, but his serve is among the best in the league. His serve ability is so excellent that he can hide his ability as an outside heater, but his arm swing is fast and simple that he can handle the ball well. Acting coach Jin Soon-ki calls Lee an “outside heater that hits serve very well.”

Lee Si-woo is the best “one-point server” representing the V-League. Hyundai Capital often wisely overcomes crisis situations in which Lee’s serve scores can cause the mood of the game to fall to the opponent team. Lee Si-woo displayed stellar performance in the third set as well. With Hyundai Capital trailing 14-16, Lee was replaced by a one-point server. Then, he changed the mood at once by serving five consecutive times. Hyundai Capital succeeded in reversing the mood by banking on “Siu Time,” but lost the set 26-28 in a deuce battle due to lack of backbone.

Despite losing the set score of 1-3 (25-27 25-21 28-26 25-19), fans who filled the stadium were excited about Siu Time and excited about his serve. Lee Si-woo gives more energy to his team and fans than a “one-point server.” 스포츠토토

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