Professional Basketball Entering The Second Half Of The Year

The professional basketball team, which finished its break from the All-Star Game, has begun its schedule in the second half of the year. The battle for the lead between the “absolute first-round” Wonju DB with overwhelming offense and the Seoul SK, which ranked second by demonstrating the essence of defensive basketball, has also begun in earnest.

DB posted 25 wins and six losses as of the first half of this season, never losing the top spot since the season’s opening. The key to DB’s sensationalism is its overwhelming attack power, which averages 91.2 points per game. Not only is it far ahead of Suwon KT, which ranks second in average score (85.6) but if the current trend continues, chances are high that it will surpass 90 points on average for the team for the first time in 20 years since the Daegu Orions in the 2004-05 season.

Key players in DB’s offense are Didrick Lawson, Kang Sang-jae, and Kim Jong-kyu, who constitute “triple posts.” They combined for an average of 48.9 points and accounted for more than half of the team’s goals. In addition, Lee Sun-bano, the team’s main guard, led the DB’s offense by posting an average of seven assists. He has displayed remarkable performance as he edged out second-ranked Lee Jung-hyun (Goyang Sono and 5.9) in the assist category.

However, the high dependence on key players could pose a burden in the second half. Albano, Lawson, and Kang all played more than 30 games while on the court for more than 30 minutes on average. Other than them, Paris Bath is the only player who played in “30 games, 30 minutes or more” in the first half of this season. While other teams were adjusting the playing time of half-time key players, DB had relatively neglected to arrange physical strength of key players.

Unlike DB, which boasts immense firepower, SK, the second-ranked team, is showing off its strong teamwork in defense. SK gave up only 76.3 points in the first half of the year, ranking second to the Changwon LG (76.8 points). If the scope is narrowed down to July 14, when the team’s 12th consecutive win began, its lost points will further decrease to 70.8. Notably, SK ranks first in scoring fastballs (11.5 points), ahead of DB (11.2 points). SK, which once fell to sixth place, is trailing DB by three games as of Wednesday by banking on its defense and fastballs. 스포츠토토

SK, which had to deal with a killer schedule early in the season due to both the regular league and the East Asian Super League (EASL), has relatively easy schedule in the second half. This is a positive factor for SK to regain the lead. In addition, Oh Se-geun, who has revived in the third round, and Ahn Young-joon, who has consistently displayed good performance since being discharged from the military, are also contributing to SK’s run. What is regrettable is the injuries to Kim Sun-hyung and Heo Il-young. Those who injured their ankles and knee ligaments, respectively, will not be able to return to the court until the middle of the fifth round.

The first showdown between DB and SK in the second half of the year will be held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 20th. The result of the game is expected to be an important watershed for the lead competition in the second half of the year.

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