Tickets for the Busan World Table Tennis Championships start on the 22nd

Online reservations for tickets to the 2024 Busan World Table Tennis Championships at BNK Busan Bank will begin on the 22nd, the organizing committee of the competition announced on the 19th.

Reservations can be made at Interpark, and prices have been set in various ways, with five grades based on the main stadium.

Tickets are sold in two categories: “Day Session” where you can watch the daytime game and “Night Session” where you can watch the evening game.

However, tickets on the 9th day of the competition, where two men’s semi-finals and one women’s final match are held, and tickets on the last 10th day of the men’s final match are sold as one session.

Based on the lowest-rated third-class seats in the main stadium, tickets for the first day of the competition are 10,000 won, tickets for the 9th day are 90,000 won, and tickets for the 10th day are 50,000 won.

The organizing committee will provide various discounts in connection with BNK Busan Bank, a partner of the competition. Details can be found at Interpark.

The World Table Tennis Championships, which will be held for the first time in Korea, will feature world-class stars such as the strongest China’s Maroon, Pan Jeon-dong, Sun Yingsa, France’s Holy Lebrung brothers, and Japan’s Harimoto brothers. 토토

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