Thailand’s women’s national team trio who played professional volleyball in Korea, mixed report cards

Wipawi Sitong contributes to Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s lead, demonstrating phone-poon and toss skills Tanacha, receiving hunting

The three members of the Thai national team who played professional volleyball in Korea received mixed report cards. Attention is being paid to the performance of Ponpun Gedpard (IBK Industrial Bank of Korea), Wipawi Sitong (Hyundai Engineering & Construction), and Thanacha Suksot (Korea Expressway Corporation), who are in different situations on their teams, during the remainder of the season.

These three players entered the Korean stage through the V-League Women’s Asia Quarter Draft in April last year. The Thai national team’s starting setter, Ponpoon, was selected as first choice, Wipawi as second choice, and Thanacha as fourth choice.

The Thai national team, of which they are the main players, showed off their skills by defeating Korea in international competitions such as the ‘2023 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL)’ last year, and then entered the V-League, which opened in October of the same year.

As we enter the second half of the season, the three players are in different situations.

The player with the best flow is Wipawi. Wipawi, who had been a target of opponents’ attacks after joining Hyundai Engineering & Construction by exposing his weaknesses in receiving, etc., improved his receiving skills during the season and gained a sense of stability. Wipawi, who has found confidence, has recently been used more in the game than foreign main gun Moma.

Amid Wipawi’s performance, Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s performance is also showing an upward curve. Hyundai Engineering & Construction is leading the league, beating Heungkuk Life Insurance, a strong contender for the championship.

Phone Pun was sluggish in the beginning, but then got back on track. At the beginning of the season, he received harsh criticism that he was not up to his reputation due to a mismatch with domestic players, but he is showing his skills as the game progresses. Ponpoon is improving his adaptability to the Korean stage to the extent that Industrial Bank of Korea manager Kim Ho-cheol, a former member of Myeongsetter, evaluated him as the best.

Under Ponpoon’s leadership, Industrial Bank of Korea is aiming to advance to the postseason. Industrial Bank of Korea, ranked 4th out of 7 teams in the league, is chasing 3rd place GS Caltex by 6 points.

On the other hand, Tanacha is struggling with his team Korea Expressway Corporation. Tanacha is a player who plays a bigger role in the Thailand national team than Wipawi, but is doing relatively poorly in the V-League.

Last year’s winning team, Korea Road Corporation, tried to fill the empty spot with Tanacha after main gun Park Jeong-ah transferred, but Tanacha is unable to shake off her anxiety about receiving and is having trouble finding her place. This is a different move from Wipawi, whose receiving has improved even more after advancing to the V-League. As Tanacha failed to complete his task as a replacement for Park Jeong-ah, the Korea Expressway Corporation is ranked 6th out of 7 teams in the league.

The future performance of the three members of the Thai national team is expected to be directly related to the performance of their teams for the remainder of the season. 19가이드03

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