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Harry Kane will end his five-star hotel life and start living in Munich with his family in a luxury house worth 50 billion won.

British media The Sun reported on the 14th that Kane will live alone in a hotel in Munich for half a year and then live in a mega-mansion as his family moves to Munich.

“Kane settled down comfortably in Bayern Munich and finally got a home with his family,” the media said. “Kane lived at a five-star hotel called ‘Vier Yareszaiten Kempinski Munich’ for five months. He spent 16.75 million won per night and became the second most expensive guest after Queen Elizabeth II.”

“Now that Kane’s hotel life is over, he is moving to a mansion with a view of the Isar River. The house is in an area called Beverly Hills in Bavaria and boasts a house price of 30 million pounds about 50.2 billion won,” he said.

Kane was transferred to Munich last summer. Kane signed a four-year contract through June 2027, and the transfer fee amounted to up to 100 million euros. Based on his current understanding, his weekly salary is 415,000 pounds about 695.41 million won.

Kane moved to Munich by himself at the time. His wife and other family members were still young, so he stayed in a hotel in Munich for a long time. His first child, Ivie, was seven, Vivienne, five, Lewis, two, and Henry, who was just born, were just five months old.

Kane proved himself by living in unfamiliar environments in the new Bundesliga. He has 22 goals and five assists in 16 matches in the Bundesliga.

In the 17th round of the Bundesliga against Hoffenheim on the 13th, Kane scored his team’s third goal in the 45th minute of the second half, contributing to a 3-0 complete victory. With his 22nd goal in the league, he tied Robert Lewandowski’s record for most goals in the first half of the league.

Kane finished his hotel life ahead of the conclusion of the first half of the year. He left the hotel on December 24 last year and expressed his gratitude on his Instagram.

Kane said, “I would like to thank the hotel staff for making me feel like home since I moved to Munich. They played a big role in helping me settle down,” adding, “Thomas Müller was worried that my room had gotten too small. So I’m going to check out now and join my family.” 스포츠토토

Kane’s house, which was released by the media, is a two-story house with a large balcony on the second floor. This is a luxury house that was also featured in a movie in Germany in 2014, with a sun deck and spa, and a house in nature with “Riverview” as well as “Forest View.”

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