‘LG Gutang Reversal’ KT Bath Wins All-Star Game Dunk Contest

Paris Bath topped the Sports Illustrated SI Dunk Contest ahead of the 2023-2024 KBL All-Star Game.

Bath won the final round of the Sports Illustrated SI Dunk Contest ahead of the 2023-2024 Professional Basketball All-Star Game at Sono Arena in Goyang on the 14th.

Justin Gutang, who showed off his colorful dunk from the preliminary round, won the Best Performance Award after competing with Bath.

In this dunk contest, you can freely try dunking within 60 seconds of the time limit. At this time, the five players with the highest scores from the judges advance to the final round. If the score is tied, the free dunk is started within 30 seconds and re-examined.

A total of nine players from Kim Hyung-joon Wonju DB Promy, Cho Joon-hee Seoul Samsung Thunder, Cho Jae-woo Goyang Sono Sky Gunners, Kim Gun-woo Seoul SK Knights, Justin Gutang Changwon LG Sakers, Paris Bath, Lee Doo-won Suwon KT Sonic Boom, Shin Ju-young and DuVan Maxwell Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Pegasus will participate in the preliminary round of the Dengk Contest. Song Kyo-chang Busan KCC Egis, who had announced his participation, will be absent due to an injury during practice.

Gutang 50 points got the perfect score in the preliminary round, followed by Kim Gun-woo 48 points, Maxwell 47 points and Lee Doo-won 46 points. Bath and Cho Joon-hee tied for 44 points and were re-examined. Bath 48 beat Cho 47 and got on the last train in the extra round.

The final round was held after the second quarter of the All-Star Game was over. The final round will be played in the order of first and second rounds, and the time limit for each round will be 60 seconds, which is the same as the preliminary round. The player with the highest score in terms of the highest score will win the round after judging each round. If the game is tied in the first and second rounds, the player with the highest total score will win the championship, and if the game is tied, the player can freely try to dunk within 30 seconds and will be judged again.

The order showed off the performances prepared by Bath, Lee Doo-won, Maxwell, Kim Gun-woo and Gutang, who were the lowest in the preliminary round, in front of the judges and fans.

Gutang, the No. 1 player in the first round qualifying round, once again showed off a brilliant dunk. Gutang, who was the last in the order with Bath scoring 45 points, Lee Doo-won scoring 42 points, Maxwell scoring 40 points, and Kim Gun-woo scoring 43 points, placed his teammates in front of the basket and jumped over them and showed off a one-handed dunk.

In the second round, Bath flew in. As the first runner, Bath came out leisurely and drew fans’ surprise by performing a dunk with the technique of turning the ball between his legs. After successful dunking, Bath finished the contest with 16 seconds left but no more attempts. The judges also gave perfect scores with surprised expressions.

Gutang, who was the most likely candidate to win, then showed a brilliant dunk that drew cheers from fans with the help of his teammates, but received 49 points.

As a result, Bath, who received a perfect score in the second round, managed to reach the final in the preliminary round, but won the first place and showed the best dunk performance. 스포츠토토

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