Players also focus on the possibility of transfer

Liverpool striker Darwin Núñez is attracting attention from Europe’s most prestigious club despite his disappointing goal-scoring ability.

“Barcelona is planning to recruit Núñez from Liverpool.”

Núñez received the attention of a big European club due to her performance in Benfica and decided to move to Liverpool. The transfer fee, which is worth a whopping 100 million euros about 145 billion won, made Liverpool gauge the expectations it has for Núñez.

Despite the expectations, Núñez’s first season was not very satisfactory. Núñez was often greeted with opportunities in front of the gate by her brisk activities and sharp movements at the front line, but she repeatedly lost her chance to score with a disappointing decision. In 29 league matches, she had to end her debut season with only nine goals and three assists.

The start of this season was also shaky. He consistently scored offensive points since the opening of the season, but failed to score goals in critical situations, moving back and forth between the starting pitcher and the bench. He gradually showed off performance in the middle of the season, raising expectations. Until early April, he had 18 goals and 13 assists in 45 official matches, showing sharp performance. However, Núñez soon cooled down again. After scoring no goal in six consecutive matches starting with the Europa League game against Atalanta, Núñez has returned as a striker who frustrates fans.

Fans’ regret over Núñez must also be understood. Despite scoring many goals this season, Núñez is the second-ranked player to miss the Big Chance in the English Premier League this season. She sought a whopping 26 decisive opportunities.

However, despite his poor goal-scoring ability, there was a team that wanted Núñez to be recruited. It was Barcelona.

Barcelona will have to consider Robert Lewandowski’s future after this season. Lewandowski has a contract with Barcelona until 2026 and has about two years left. Barcelona, however, has begun searching for a replacement due to his deteriorating performance, and is believed to be considering Núñez as a candidate.

“Barcelona sees Núñez as Lewandowski’s replacement,” Tribal Football said. “Barcelona believes that Liverpool will need to sell their players to raise funds to support Arne Slot as new coach.” Tribal Football explained that it is reported that the player himself wants to go to Barcelona. “Núñez is reportedly focusing on the possibility of wearing a Barcelona uniform.”

Despite his disappointing performance, Europe’s most prestigious family is preparing to reach out to Núñez. Attention is also focusing on whether Núñez will really be able to head to Barcelona after this season. 스포츠토토 사이트 추천

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