Georgiy Sudakov invested 110 billion won to strengthen Chelsea’s strength

Recruitment of Mikhail Mudrik’s friend Sudakov from Shakhtar, Ukraine

Chelsea are planning to pull off another major transfer this summer.
They plan to invest over 100 billion won to bring in Mikhailo Mudrik, a failed Ukrainian product.

The British Daily Mail reported on the 6th of 2024, “Chelsea has begun negotiations with Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder Georgi Sudakov, who is valued at 65 million pounds (about 110.9 billion won).
“It looks like we’ll be spending a lot of money again this summer.”

According to the media, Chelsea held a meeting with the player.
Shakhtar CEO Sergey Palkin also recently visited Stamford Bridge to watch the match between Chelsea and Everton.

Afterwards, Palkin said, “There will be a big opportunity to move to several big clubs in this summer transfer market.”
“We have not negotiated directly with many big clubs, but there are teams looking to recruit him in the summer,” he said, adding that there is a high possibility that Sudakov will be transferred.

Fierce competition to recruit Sudakov

Currently, not only Chelsea but also many Premier League teams are watching Sudakov, so fierce competition to recruit him is expected.
Chelsea may end up paying a considerable transfer fee to sign Sudakov.

Sudakov, who plays for the Ukraine national team, scored a total of eight goals for Shakhtar and the Ukraine national team this season.
As he gradually shows talent, Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool are showing interest, and Italy is also keeping an eye on Sudakov.

Sudakov is also well known as a close friend of Mudrik, who moved to Chelsea a year ago.
The Daily Mail said, “Mudrik, who had difficulty adapting after joining Chelsea from Shakhtar last year for a transfer fee of 62 million pounds (about 105.6 billion won), kept in constant contact with Sudakov and urged him to move to England.” He said he misses him.

Sudakov’s contract with Shakhtar ends in 2028.
Starting this summer, the buyout amount is set at 125 million pounds (about 213 billion won).

It doesn’t seem easy to recruit him due to the long contract period and expensive buyout, but Shakhtar will consider it if a reasonable offer is made.
Chelsea are expected to bring in close friend Sudakov to replace Mudrik.

Of course, strengthening power is the number one reason.
He received a passing grade in that he gained experience by consistently participating in 87 matches for Shakhtar and in club competitions organized by the European Football Association (UEFA), including the Champions League and Europa League.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino is disappointed with Mudrik’s progress

However, there is a risk that it may end up as a failure, as in Mudrik’s case.
Before transferring to Chelsea in the 2022-23 season, Mudrik scored 7 goals and 6 assists in 12 games in the Ukrainian league, and also scored 3 goals and 2 assists in 8 games in the UEFA Champions League, proving that he can also work on the big stage.

There was a reason why Chelsea paid a high transfer fee.
However, after moving to Chelsea, Mudrik seemed to have failed to adapt.

Dribbling breakthroughs based on his unique high speed worked in the Premier League, but his subsequent play was disappointing.
The accuracy of the crosses and shots attempted after the breakthrough was too low.

He played half a season, appearing in 15 games, but scoring no points and recording only two assists.
His performance this season is also not good.

He has only 6 goals and 2 assists in 39 appearances.
Coach Mauricio Pochettino is known to be very disappointed with Mudrik’s growth.

Attention is being paid to whether Sudakov, who is close to Mudrik and is also from Shakhtar, Ukraine, can become a success with his performance exceeding the transfer fee of 110 billion won or more. 토토사이트

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