“How about Korea?”…Klopp’s shocked response “I don’t know about Klinsmann, he didn’t finish well”

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has given a negative response to the idea of taking charge of the South Korean national soccer team.

YouTuber Kwak Ji-hyuk posted a video on his YouTube channel titled, “I asked Klopp about the Korean head coach job, and he gave me a shocking answer.

In the video, he traveled to Liverpool, England, to meet with Klopp, who is set to leave the Reds at the end of the 2023-24 season.

Klopp, who has been at the helm of the club since 2015, has a contract with the Reds that runs until 2026, 안전카지노사이트 but he wants to take a break and the Reds have decided to let him go after so many years of service to the club.

Jurgen Klopp is arguably one of the world’s greatest managers and one of Liverpool’s all-time greats. Since his appointment as Liverpool manager in October 2015, he has rebuilt a storied franchise that had fallen into decline and ushered in the club’s glory days.

Over the past nine years under Klopp, Liverpool has become one of the best clubs in the world, collecting trophies in the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup, and Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Club World Cup.

This season, they added another trophy to their collection by winning the Carabao Cup. In the Premier League, the Reds were also in contention for the title, but they failed to pick up enough points in the second half of the season to finish in third place.

As Klopp’s departure from Liverpool drew closer and closer, YouTuber Kwak Ji-hyuk decided to travel to Liverpool to get an autograph from the manager. He waited in the parking lot of the Liverpool training ground and succeeded in getting an autograph from Klopp.

While signing autographs, he asked Klopp, “Would you consider me for the South Korean national team head coaching job just once?” The South Korean national soccer team’s head coach position is still vacant after the team fired Jürgen Klinsmann in February.

At the time, Klopp was aware that Klinsmann was the last coach to lead the national team and that he was eventually fired.

“If you look at Klinsi (Klinsmann’s nickname), I don’t know if I can do the job. I didn’t finish well,” he said. He then laughed when asked if he would consider coaching South Korea next.

Klopp is a world-class coach, so it’s unlikely that he’ll ever lead the Taegeuk Warriors, but his answer shows how he views the job.

Klinsmann, who took over the reins of the South Korean national soccer team in March of last year, was contracted to lead the team through the 2026 North and Central American World Cup, but was fired after just one year.

After taking over, Klinsmann went winless in five matches (three draws and two losses) before a 1-0 friendly win over Saudi Arabia in September last year. In addition to the poor results, he was also criticized for spending too little time in Korea for overseas observation.

During his time abroad, he often appeared to be distracted from his duties as national team manager by appearing on broadcast media to comment on other teams and attending UEFA Champions League group stage draws, much to the displeasure of fans.

In the end, the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup in Qatar in January decided Klinsmann’s future. With an all-star squad that included Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), Lee Kang-in (PSG), and Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), Klinsmann’s side struggled in the group stage.

They reached the semifinals of the tournament, but were eliminated in a disastrous 0-2 defeat against Jordan, who had reached the Asian Cup quarterfinals for the first time in their country’s history. In the lead-up to the game, a conflict between Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in erupted, with the latter blaming the former for the loss.

As fan patience reached its limits and public opinion deteriorated, the Korean Football Association (KFA) drew its sword. In February, the KFA held an executive meeting and decided to change the head coach of the South Korean national soccer team, putting Klinsmann on notice.

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