Grace Kim “My goal is to win once again this year “I just want to become a ‘major queen.’”

First win in the third competition since debut last year “The first win came so quickly and my mind was confused… I got greedy and couldn’t hit my style,
missed the cut in a row, missed out on the Rookie of the Year award, so I focused on building up my stamina during winter training. “I definitely want to participate in the competition held in Korea.”

“My goal is to get one win this year as well. “I just hope that one win comes in a major tournament.”

Grace Kim won her first LPGA tour debut at the Lotte Championship in April last year, but fell into a slump afterward.

Grace Kim (Kim Si-eun, 24), an Australian Korean, debuted on the LPGA Tour last year. And in April, he won the Lotte Championship held in Hawaii, USA. He recorded his first win in just his third competition since his debut. It was also the first win among rookies on the LPGA Tour last year. However, Grace Kim ultimately earned only 624 points for the Rookie Award, giving up the top rookie spot to Yu Hae-ran (23, 907 points).

Grace Kim, whom we met on the 9th at Kapalua Resort in Hawaii, where she was visiting to participate in the sponsor Adidas Golf event, said, “Even now, thinking about missing out on the Rookie of the Year Award, which can only be received once in a lifetime, is regrettable. “After his first win, his head and mind became dizzy and he fell into a slump,” he said. “As he prepared for his LPGA Tour debut in December of the year before last, he made his own season plan. But his first win came much sooner than he planned. When something came to him suddenly that he wasn’t expecting, he became greedy and couldn’t concentrate. “Because of that, I couldn’t play golf according to my style,” he said.

Grace Kim, who worked hard to increase her physical strength and weight throughout the winter, set her sights on winning a major tournament this season. 메이저-토토사이트

After winning the Lotte Championship, Grace Kim missed the cut in two LPGA tour tournaments in a row. Since then, he has participated in 17 more competitions, but has only succeeded in entering the top 10 once, at the Cognizant Founders Cup held in May (tied for 10th place). When the season ended, the number of missed cuts increased to six.

Grace Kim said, “As it was my first time playing on tour, I could feel his stamina. So he couldn’t take advantage of my strengths, which are accurate and straight iron shots. “As the season progressed, it became more and more difficult to get the ball where I wanted,” he said. “This winter, I focused my training and rest schedule on building stamina rather than honing my skills. “He also believed that weight and distance were related, so he ate as much as he could and gained weight.” Grace Kim ranked 11th among LPGA Tour players last season with a fairway landing rate of 82%, but her average drive distance was 254 yards (about 232m), ranking 102nd.

This season’s LPGA Tour opens with the ‘Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions’ held in Orlando, Florida, USA on the 18th. “I think I have improved a lot of my weaknesses ahead of the new season,” said Grace Kim. “Although I did not win the Rookie of the Year award, I hope to set several special records such as ‘wire-to-wire victory’ or ‘course record’ while playing on the LPGA tour.” . At the same time, he said, “I once won while setting a record like this during my amateur days, and after finishing the competition, I thought, ‘I won with great ease.’ I am naturally a very nervous person. “I’m grateful for every win, but I hate winning in high-tension situations,” he said with a laugh.

Last year’s Lotte Championship was a competition won in a ‘highly tense situation’. In this competition, Grace Kim reached the top after an overtime match with Seong Yu-jin (24) and Liu Yu (29, China). Grace Kim said, “During that tournament, I met a really meticulous caddy. “The caddy meticulously checked the course, writing down additional information about each hole in a yardage book (a book containing golf course information),” he said. “When I saw that, I thought, ‘Ah, this person really knows this golf course 100%. “I thought, ‘I wasn’t nervous even in overtime,’” he said. He continued, “I was also impressed by the enthusiasm of Korean galleries during the competition. “If I get the chance, I would like to participate in a competition held in Korea.” 슬롯

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