KBO And Clubs Seeking To Expand Their Presence

KBO set the allocation of price evaluation and technology evaluation at 5 to 5, respectively, in the bidding for the selection of wired and wireless broadcasting rights operators. It was 6 to 4 five years ago (February 2019) when the consortium of telecommunications and portal (Naver, Kakao, KT, LG Uplus, and SK Broadband) was selected.

The purpose of KBO’s selection of wired and wireless broadcasting rights operators is to expand marketing revenue and revitalize the KBO League. With the establishment of the new media era in which one content can be consumed in various forms, the selected company will lead the development of the industry so that baseball fans can enjoy many video sources as well as online game broadcasts in various ways. KBO has increased the allocation of technical evaluations to select companies with the technology and will to implement new attempts as well as stable operation know-how.

CJ ENM (OTT Teaving), which was selected as the preferred bidder for the 2024-2026 wired and wireless broadcasting rights project, received the most response at the technology evaluation presentation held on the 5th. The bid amount, which is known to have spent more than 40 billion won, also had an advantage over its competitors, but the presentation of a vision to lead the expansion of baseball’s base seems to have had a greater impact on the selection of preferred negotiators.

The most eye-catching pledge is to utilize video sources. “We will encourage additional content of broadcasting videos, which were previously consumed only in certain spaces, to spread to various social media and digital platforms, and expand the base of watching KBO League,” said an official from CJ ENM’s external cooperation.

The consortium of telecommunications and portals, which was a former business operator and had the right to resell videos, strictly restricted even the use of shorts (short videos). In the name of copyright protection, it banned secondary processing and distribution of relay videos, and vowed to take legal action against those who use them commercially.

As a result, baseball games have disappeared from YouTube and social media, which have the largest number of video contents. Even the baseball team, which produces contents, had a hard time producing its own products. In the early days of the previous contract (2019-2023), the use of broadcasting videos was only allowed when exposed to baseball stadiums’ electronic display boards. It was not available for the club’s video channel. Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants), a former star of the KBO League, said on the opening media day of the 2022 season, “I don’t understand the situation where even GIFs (moving images on the web) are difficult to use on personal SNS.”

KBO also judged that it has not fully utilized the power of video sources over the past five years. It also noted that it entrusted reviews to famous creators so that more content produced by influential OTTs at home and abroad could be exposed. He confirmed that if you are confident in the source source, you do not have to dwell on copyright infringement.

The KBO placed great importance on strategies and content activation for the technology evaluation project. “Other bidders have also prepared more strategies than before. However, CJ ENM seems to have suggested the most outstanding direction. This seems to have been positive for baseball team (marketing) working-level officials as well,” a KBO source said.

The baseball team is also positive. “In the past, it was complicated to use short videos,” said an A team official. “Shorts are being consumed more these days, and we think we can create more diverse contents on our own.” “Whenever a influencer who is interested in baseball uploads a video, it will become a hot topic of conversation. Then, we could have more baseball fans.”

Baseball fans are concerned about paid broadcasting fees. On the other hand, KBO and the club expect that baseball’s expansion, which will be achieved by activating video sources, will bring about more positive effects in the long run. 스포츠토토

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