Moon Hyun-bin Has No Intention Of Giving Up Second Base

Hanwha recruited infielder Ahn Chi-hong from the FA market for up to 7.2 billion won approx. It brought in proven slugger Ahn Chi-hong with the aim of strengthening his batting lineup, but he had to deal with the task of organizing traffic at his position. At the second base of the Hanwha Eagles, along with Golden Glover Jung Eun-won, who made a successful debut last year. With Ahn joining the team, the number of second baseman has increased to three.

Moon played more in the outfield as center fielder 64 starts in 70 games, 519 innings than in the infield, including second baseman 42 starts in 54 games, shortstop 48 innings in five games in nine games, and third baseman 1 inning in one game. He has ample experience as both inside and outside. Jung Eun-won, who has never left the infield since joining the team in 2018, started adapting himself to the outfield by going through center fielder tests at the finishing camp in Miyazaki, Japan, last year. 토토사이트

Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho is keeping open various possibilities. “An Chi-hong can take the position of first baseman and designated hitter not only with the second base, but also with Chae Eun-sung. Then, Jung Eun-won and Moon Hyun-bin can compete for second base,” Choi said, drawing various composition through competition. If Moon becomes second baseman, An Chi-hong can move to first base and Jung Eun-won to outfield. The competition will begin in February at the Melbourne Spring Camp in Australia.

Moon Hyun-bin, who mainly played center field last year and has been fixed as the main second baseman since late August, has no intention of leaving the second base. “I am thinking about outdoor practice, but I still want to go to second base. I am focusing on second base,” Moon said. “The coach will make a choice based on how I do it. If I show good performance, I think he will let me use second base.” He displayed strong commitment to protecting the second base.

Moon Hyun-bin, whose main position has been second baseman since his school days, is confident that he can best show his baseball here. After competing with Jung Eun-won last year, Ahn Chi-hong joined the team this year, and there is endless competition, but it is accepted as an opportunity.

“It’s so nice to have Ahn Chi-hong here. I was able to complete all seasons thanks to Eun-sung who played for me last year. Without Eun-sung, I would not have been in the main league. He has provided me with a lot of help in mind and technology,” Moon said. “I will be able to learn a lot from Ahn Chi-hong as well. I am preparing for this season with the thought that it is a great opportunity. I am confident in the competition. I am confident that I will do better than last year, and I am preparing well. I will be able to see how competitive I am this season.”

After graduating from Bukil High School, Moon joined Hanwha as the 11th overall pick in the second round last year, and spent his entire season in the first team from before to the end of the season. Starting with the spring camp, he entered the opening entry through exhibition games, and filled the entire period with 199 days of registration in the first team. He recorded a batting average of 266 with five homers, 49 RBIs, 47 runs, 33 walks, 84 strikeouts, and an on-base percentage of .324, which is outstanding among rookie players.

Most of all, she became the seventh rookie to have 100 hits in the history of high school graduates. Her 114 hits in this season are the fourth-highest among high school graduates, following Lee Jung-hoo 179, KT Kang Baek-ho 153, and LG Kim Jae-hyun 134. She clearly demonstrated her ability to hit the ball, and she also produced long-distance shots with strong swings despite her small but sturdy physique 174 centimeters and 82 kilograms. She showed great performance in hitting the ball, giving Hanwha a new wind by banking on her race-fight spirit.

After the season, Moon was selected as a substitute for the Asian Professional Baseball Championship APBC team and gained experience in international competitions. “I have been exercising with a focus on strengthening flexibility,” Moon said after his alma mater Bukil High School left the field training center in Seoul. “I had some pain during the season. If I didn’t get sick 100 percent, I would have had better performance.”

“I’m working hard on weight training to become stronger. I have to be strong to turn my bat strong and produce strong hits. That way, I can get more hits and good hits,” he said. “I’ve always been doing my best throughout the 137 games. Since I joined the team, I kept running forward from the finishing camp to the rookie camp and the spring camp, so my pace dropped fast at the end of the season. I will also pay attention to my pace management this year because I felt that in person.”

Expectations for the team, which has strengthened its power throughout the winter, have also increased. “Not only Ahn Chi-hong but also Kim Kang-min and Lee Jae-won have come with great experiences. It is definitely a plus factor for our team. I’m looking forward to it,” Moon said of Jonathan Peraza, a new foreign hitter. “I watched the video and he was good. He made short but strong swings that I like. I should actively talk to him about it when I meet him.”

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