The Spirit Of Victory

“The first pitch player who led the team to victory during the regular season is invited again.”

SSG Landers selected girl group Apink Nam Joo and comedian Kim Won-hoon as the first pitchers of the semi-playoff (semi-PO, three wins out of five) against the NC Dinos.

SSG said, “We will hold the first pitch to pray for victory in the first and second rounds of the semi-PO. “We invited the first pitchman who led the team to victory during the regular season to pray for good performance in this semi-PO,” he announced on the 21st.

First of all, Nam Joo will pitch in the first round of the semi-PO on the 22nd.

Nam Joo threw the first pitch against the Kiwoom Heroes on April 22 and breathed the energy of victory.

Nam Joo said, “I visited the ballpark this spring and fell in love with baseball and Landers. “It’s an honor to be able to pitch once again in the first game of this fall baseball, and I hope the energy of the winning fairy will continue this time,” he said.

Kim Won-hoon, who operates a “Short Box” channel with 2.72 million YouTube subscribers, will participate in the second round of the semi-PO on the 23rd.

Kim Won-hoon led the victory in the opening game against the KIA Tigers on April 1. Kim Won-hoon said, “As a son of Incheon and a real fan of SSG, I am grateful to throw the first pitch in an important game called the second round of the semi-PO. I want to convey the energy of victory in the opening game for good performance in the semi-PO, he said.

Meanwhile, SSG plans to provide 2,000 hand scarves per game to fans at Starbucks Gate, Dodram Gate, and Gate 3 at semi-PO home games. 토토사이트

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