SSG Elias And NC Shin Min-hyuk

Roenis Elias of SSG Landis and Shin Min-hyuk of NC Dinos, who will start Game 1 of the semi-playoff from the left

[Edaily Starin Reporter Joo Mi-hee] Roenis Elias (35) of the SSG Landis and Shin Min-hyuk (24) of the NC Dinos will be the starters for the first round of the 2023 Korean Professional Baseball Semi-Playoff (semi-PO).

The semi-playoff of the best-of-five series will begin at 2 p.m. on the 22nd with the first round between SSG and NC at SSG Landers Field in Incheon.

NC decided to give more rest instead of starting the first game with Eric Peddy, a three-time champion with multiple wins (20 wins), ERA (2.00), and strikeouts (209).

SSG also selected Elias to start the first round instead of ace Kim Kwang-hyun. Elias joined SSG as a substitute in May, posting an 8-6 record with a 3.70 ERA in 22 regular-season games this year.

In the game against NC, he struggled with a 7.53 ERA with one win in three games. NC was the team that Elias struggled the most in this year’s regular season. Many batters of NC, including Park Min-woo, Kwon Hee-dong, Jason Martin, Seo Ho-cheol, and Park Se-hyuk, performed well against Elias.

In particular, Elias pitched against NC twice in October, allowing eight hits, five runs, and four earned runs in three innings on the 3rd, and nine hits and seven runs in five ⅓ innings on the 8th.

Shin Min-hyuk’s first semi-playoff game is his first personal postseason appearance. In this year’s regular season, he recorded five wins, five losses and a 3.98 ERA.

However, Shin Min-hyuk also struggled with a 6.57 ERA in four appearances against SSG this year. SSG Jihoon Choi, Han Yu-seom, Choi Jung, and Choi Joo-hwan showed strong performances against Shin Min-hyuk.

Elias is good at fastballs, changeups, and sliders with an average speed of 148 kilometers per hour, while Shin Min-hyuk has a high rate of changeups and cutters.

All of the starting pitchers in Game 1 of the semi-playoff are weak against the opposing team, which seems to be flowing to the batting game. 토토사이트

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