Kwon Dae-hee Kwon wins the men’s weightlifting 89kg total – a new Korean school record

(SEOUL) — South Korean weightlifting prospect Kwon Dae-hee (18, Daegu Cheego) has set new Korean student records in the men’s 89-kilogram total and jerk.Kwon won the men’s high school 89-kilogram 토토사이트 class at the National Student Weightlifting Championships at Yongha Gymnasium in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon Province, on Monday, lifting 147 kilograms in the lift and 190 kilograms in the snatch for a total of 337 kilograms.Second place overall went to Myung Jin-woo (Chungnam Cheongo), who lifted 285 kilograms (120 kilograms in the lift and 165 kilograms in the snatch).Kwon fought for the record, not the ranking.In the long jump, Kwon broke the Korean record of 186 kilograms set by Son Hyun-wook in 2019 by 4 kilograms.At the same time, he broke the previous Korean student record of 335 kilograms in the men’s 89-kilogram category by two kilograms.The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) created a new weight class system and announced world records starting from the World Weightlifting Championships in November 2018.The Korean Weightlifting Federation (KWF) also created a Korean Standard Record Table and set a combined Korean Student Standard Record for the men’s 89kg class at 335kg.Kwon surpassed the mark, which hadn’t been reached by anyone for about five years.In June of this year, Kwon set a new Korean record in the men’s 81-kilogram category (185 kg) and a new Korean record in the combined 스포츠토토 weight class (330 kg).This time around, he moved up a weight class and broke the Korean records in the keirin and the combined 89-kilogram category.

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