After a strong summer, will Suwon FC rebound in August with Lopez?

SEOUL, South Korea (Yonhap) By Ahn Hong-seok = Can Suwon FC rebound in August after a strong summer?July and August are considered crucial months in the K League.This is the time when the players 카지노사이트 have gained enough practical experience, each team has played one or two games, and most of the opponents’ strengths have been analyzed.This is also the time of the year when you can use the summer transfer window to strengthen weak positions.How quickly the new players integrate into the team is the biggest factor in the second half of the season.The heat is also a factor.After the rainy season, the sun beats down from the clear skies, creating a sweltering heat.Playing a midweek game on the weekend can take a toll on a player”s stamina and concentration.Teams that manage to survive July and August will be in a better position to compete in the final round (mid-October).This season, the K League 1 is in the midst of a heat wave.As of 12 noon on July 1, most of the country was under a heat advisory.The heat is expected to continue throughout August, so players will have to battle the heat as well as their opponents when the league resumes this weekend.One team in the K League 1 that is particularly resistant to the heat is Suwon FC.According to the Korea Professional Football Association, Jeonbuk Hyundai has the highest winning percentage in July and August in the K League 1 since the introduction of the promotion system (73.2%), followed by Ulsan Hyundai (64.4%).Suwon FC is the next team with the highest winning percentage. With 13 wins, 7 draws, and 9 losses in 29 games, they have a winning percentage of 56.9%, higher than FC Seoul (56.5%).Suwon FC’s “summer form” is even more pronounced when compared to their performance before July and August.Suwon won 13, drew 15, and lost 26 of their 54 games before July, for a 38% win rate.That’s an 18.9 percentage point increase over the summer.Suwon FC was by far the top team in terms of summer win percentage.Incheon was second with 10.7 percentage points, followed by Seoul (5.9 percentage points) and Jeonbuk (2.0 percentage points).Suwon FC, which finished last season in seventh place, has struggled this season as its firepower has faded. It ranks 10th out of 12 clubs.The team has yet to show its strong summer form, having drawn one and lost four of its five games in July.However, there is a chance for a rebound, as the club made a number of foreign signings from Brazil in the summer transfer window.Bautersson Silva, a flanker from the Portuguese First Division, and Gomes, a long defender, will be the new driving forces in Suwon FC’s uniform.In addition, the team also brought in goalkeeper Lopez, who dominated the K League 1 stage with Jeonbuk from 2016 to 2019.In particular, Lopez had a strong summer while playing in Korea.Lopez scored 52 goals in the K League 1, 37% of which came in July and August.No other active player 카지노 has scored more goals in July and August than Lopez. Mugosa (Incheon) and Han Kyowon (Jeonbuk) are tied with Lopez with 19 goals apiece.Lopez has yet to score a goal in his return to the K League, which is why he is expected to lead Suwon FC’s rebound in August.

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