Wazdan Players Win Big At TOP Sports Casino, Expand Popular Coin Series

A lucky Wazdan player won a substantial amount this month while enjoying Mighty Wild: Panther on TOPsport, Lithuania’s leading online betting platform. The player received a whopping €22,640.00 thanks to Wazdan’s popular game, which was first released in July 2023.

Mighty Wild: Panther, a jungle-themed slot game, is quickly becoming popular among wazdan enthusiasts because of its interesting features. The game contains classic wazdan features such as the mesmerizing Wild Lampage bonus game, the Panther Mystery Symbol, and the Cash Infinity Symbol, which contributes to its widespread popularity.

May’s impressive win highlights the fruitful partnership between Wazdan and TOPSport, which began in August 2020. Since then, more than 200 major titles have been made available on Lithuania’s most popular online betting platform. This collaboration has been instrumental in providing the highest quality gaming experience for players in the region.

Speaking of major wins, Aurelia Szymon, Wazdan’s TOPsport account manager, wrote, “We’re excited to hear that a diehard player from Mighty Wild: Pandas has reaped the rewards of several bonus features available in this thrilling Wazdan title. Combining the trusted Cash Infinity with Hold the Jackpot, it’s no surprise that our players have embraced the jungle and hunted down a colossal win on TOPsport’s famous casino platform. Congratulations!”

As Wazdan continues to expand its portfolio and showcase new and exciting titles, its partnership with TOPSport remains a cornerstone of their success in the Lithuanian market. This recent victory is a testament to the strong relationship between the two companies and their mutual goal of providing a special gaming experience for their players.

A new game added to the “Coin” series

With this notable win, Wazdan announced the launch of 36 coins, the latest addition to the highly successful coin series. The new game takes the franchise to a new level with a refined 6×6 grid that features 36 reels. Players can aim for significant prize money, including the Grand Jackpot, which impressively offers players 2000x bets.

36 Coin includes some of Wazdan’s state-of-the-art features designed to maximize player engagement and create an amazing experience. These features include Cash Infinity, Sticky to Infinity, and Chance Level, all of which enhance gameplay and boost retention. The beloved Hold the Jackpot bonus round also comes back from the game, giving players ample opportunity to win big.

In addition, 36 Coin introduces Cluster Collector Symbols, a new feature that earns the bonus symbol’s prize money in the base game and pays its value at the end of the bonus round. This innovative feature, combined with Wazdan’s proven high-performance software, ensures unrivalled player engagement and rewarding experiences.

Wazdan’s commitment to delivering the highest level of gaming experience is evident in their game development, which continues to showcase innovative features and fascinating gameplay. The success of Mighty Wild: Panther and the promising potential of 36 Coin highlight Wazdan’s commitment to increasing player satisfaction and maintaining its position as a leading game developer in the online gaming industry. 프라그마틱 슬롯 사이트

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