Its Hanwha General Manager Son Hyuk, ‘Left Alone’

Hanwha General Manager Son Hyuk, ‘left alone’, “Select the manager cautiously, but quickly”

Coach Choi Won-ho and CEO Park Chan-hyuk voluntarily resign and general manager Son Hyuk also announced his intention to resign, but the club held back.

Hanwha Eagles general manager Son Hyuk (50) also announced his intention to ‘voluntarily resign’ from the club, as did coach Choi Won-ho (51) and CEO Park Chan-hyuk (52).

However, CEO Park Chan-hyuk asked, “Director Son to remain with the club and quickly resolve the current situation.” 카지노사이트킹

Privately, former manager Choi Won-ho, who is his cousin and brother-in-law, also made a similar request to Director Son.

Director Son’s wife is former professional golfer Han Hee-won.

Former director Choi Won-ho married Han Hee-jin, Han Hee-won’s younger cousin.

On the 27th, when the club announced the resignation of former coach Choi Won-ho and CEO Park Chan-hyuk, Director Son repeatedly said “I’m sorry” in a heavy voice in a phone call with Yonhap News.

On this day, the Hanwha club said, “Coach Won-ho Choi expressed his intention to resign to the club after the LG Twins game on the 23rd, and the club accepted it on the 26th,” and added, “CEO Chan-hyuk Park also resigned in the sense that both the field and the front office take responsibility.

“I decided to do it,” he said.

The front desk head and field manager left at once.

Director Son Hyuk’s responsibility has become greater.

General Manager Son said, “We will resolve the situation as quickly as possible to prevent the team from shaking any further.

First of all, head coach Kyung-bae Jeong will lead the team as acting head coach, and the front office will appoint the next coach as soon as possible.

Although we have already disappointed the fans, the rest of the season “I will do my best to continue the process well,” he said.

The appointment of Hanwha’s next head coach has become the biggest topic in the 2024 Korean Professional Baseball KBO League.


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