Valley View Casino Wins Six-figure Jackpot

Valley View Casino & Hotel announced the most recent jackpot winners, who recently found his way to a big hit with a jackpot jackpot jackpot of $115,123.49. The guest’s dream came shortly after the official start of summer on Thursday, June 22, when Helen won while playing the Triple Double Stars slot machine.

Helen has been a loyal guest of Valley View Casino since it opened in 2001. She couldn’t be happier than popping her big jackpot. She directly expressed her excitement and gratitude for winning the jackpot to the Valley View team members.

“When I saw the Triple Seven in the ninth row, I immediately started shaking and crying,” Helen said. “A week later, I still get emotional thinking about it. For a million years, I never expected to hit it.”

Valley View Casino & Hotel has 1,975 slot machines and table games.

“Watching a guest’s dream come true can’t be more exciting,” said David Spence, Valley View Slot Operations Director. “At Valley View, we strive to create an atmosphere that is not only fun and exciting, but also has the potential for life-changing experiences. Helen’s important victory perfectly demonstrates the excitement and luck that awaits her guests.”

The casino offers free players’ clubs for new guests to sign up for, and immediately offers casino and restaurant offers over $100 and free gifts. 무료슬롯사이트


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