Games Global and Wishbone Games hatch specials in Kingfisher

Games Global exclusive studio Wishbone Games has released a title full of up-to-date features in its quiet new Kingfisher.

Among the wild animals, the player hatches five eggs on a matrix on a 5×4 grid with the title kingfisher in a reel decorated with fish, dragonflies and frogs, unlocking various adventures and features along the way.

When the kingfisher symbol lands on the reel, it opens the egg on the reel, potentially breaking it. When the egg is broken, the player is awarded 10 free spins with certain features of that colored egg.

Hatching a red egg on the first reel triggers an increase multiplier that starts at 1x and upgrades up to 5x with each special symbol landing in the round. The green egg on reel 2 adds a value to the fish symbol together, adding 1x stakes for every special symbol landing on the feature starting at 0.

Hatching a blue egg to a reel 4 will upgrade the lowest payoff symbol, adding monetary value to the player when all the up arrow symbols hit in the round. The purple egg on reel 5 starts a reaction function where every heart symbol that stops on the reel rotates, representing another chance to win big.

The golden egg on the reel 3 triggers a two-step bonus that incorporates up to 5,300x the egg function of all colors enabled in the round.

Wishbone Games is a Cardiff-based studio that was founded in 2022. With exciting and experienced teams behind some of the most popular and well-known online gaming products, players and operators can expect a variety of classic and innovative online games.

Henna Vilmi, commercial director of Wishbone Games, wrote, “I had a great time creating Kingfisher™! The entire studio was involved in brainstorming, and it was truly developed for players by players.

“The kingfisher itself acts as a feature-inducing symbol, and our favorite part of the game is the Golden Egg Super Mode. Here you can start the enhancement collection first with a random starting value on each egg before the free spin starts. This egg is pretty hard to crack, but it brings another level to the game for more experienced players.”

Andy Booth, Chief Product Officer at Games Global, said, “We are excited to introduce Kingfisher™ to our platform and demonstrate our continued commitment to immersing our players in a high-quality gaming experience.

“The game boasts a simple mechanism full of features that offer new and old players plenty of opportunities to win big with multipliers, free spins, and symbol upgrades, ensuring thrilling gameplay for everyone. Our proprietary data shows that the game is reaching all the right levels for top tier releases.” 카지노사이트