The Doosan Defeats SK in Handball H-League Men’s Championship

‘Awdu’ Doosan Completely Defeats SK in the First Game of the Handball H-League Men’s Championship

Men’s Handball Doosan took the lead by winning the first game of the H-League championship against SK Hawks.

Doosan defeated SK 24-19 in the first leg of the Shinhan SOL Pay 2023-2024 Handball H-League Men’s Championship match (2 wins out of 3) held at SK Handball Stadium in Seoul on the 28th.

If Doosan wins the second game held at the same venue at 7 p.m. on the 30th,

it will become the first H-League champion. 카지노사이트

Doosan, who was well-rested after playing the last regular league game on the 21st,

won by pushing SK, who had been physically inferior in two playoff games so far,

with quick attacks and a rough fight.

SK raised their defensive line and clung actively,

and goalkeeper Kim Hee-soo made a series of saves to block the goal, reining in the chase, but that was all.

Doosan ran away to 10-6 with Chung Eui-kyung’s breakthrough and interception, scoring goals in succession.

While SK’s famous mid-range shooters were unable to easily get a chance to shoot due to the solid defense,

Doosan, who even converted the opponent’s mistakes into goals,

finished the first half with a 13-8 lead.

The flow did not change in the second half.

Doosan, with goalkeeper Kim Dong-wook making a series of saves in the early stages,

ran away with an 18-11 lead.

SK, whose players’ stamina continued to decline, made a series of mistakes, and the gap widened to 8 points.

Doosan took the victory with Kim Yeon-bin scoring 8 goals and Kim Min-gyu scoring 5 goals.

Its Kim Dong-wook, who made 13 saves, also shined.

Kim Dong-wook, who was selected as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the game,

expressed confidence, saying, “It’s burdensome to say,

‘Wow, Doosan will win anyway,’ but I think we’re strong in important games.”

Kim Yeon-bin said, “I thought SK Hawks would be physically demanding,

so I decided to play passes and strategies rather than individual breakthroughs, and it worked out well.”

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