A Cashless Game Hits the Bottom of a Jamul Casino

Jamul Casino, which is at the forefront of the cashless casino technology movement, has teamed up with Marker Trax to become one of the first California properties to introduce cashless casino slot markers on casino floors.

MarkerTracks will be operated through the Konami SYNKROS Casino Management System and will be launched at Jamul Casino in the spring of 2021. Jamul Casino slots and video poker players can conveniently apply for and receive approval within five minutes through the MarkerTracks patent registration process to gain electronic access.

Mary Chicks, president and general manager of Underwater Casino, says cashless is the future of the game, and we’re excited to introduce this cutting-edge technology to our valued guests. This new benefit of the Sweet Water Rewards Players Club program follows underwater casino’s promise to provide guests and their team members with the best technology to enable high-level experiences. Accessing funds in a convenient and safe way will be well received by guests.

Marker Tracks allows players to register with a site where they can access their account balances and billing information online or via an app. Once they arrive at the casino, they will immediately have access to funds available from their Zamul Casino Marker Tracks account in any slot or video poker machine.

Charlie Skinner, Chief Operating Officer of Marker Tracks, is excited to partner with Jamul Casino to bring cashless progress to the casino floor. The technology is unmatched and we look forward to a successful launch in Jamul by working with the team.

Customers at the underwater casino can best benefit from the cashless convenience offered through proven technology, from sign-up to cash withdrawal, said Tom Gingoli, senior vice president and chief operating officer of Konami Gaming Inc. The time-tested cashless solution, combined with Marker Tracks’ state-of-the-art digital offerings, provides a highly reliable and painless experience.

Marker Tracks works with Konami Gaming’s award-winning SYNKROS Casino Management System to seamlessly issue, record, 안전 슬롯사이트 manage and track players’ cashless progress. Account balances are automatically adjusted to issue cash withdrawal tickets for your winnings.

Joining Marker Tracks is free and players can play cashless upfront at casinos. Founded in 2018 by gaming veteran Gary Ellis, Marker Tracks is the first to offer regulatory compliance casino marker technology that eliminates the risk of issuing upfront payments.

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