Park Chan-ho is close to returning to the first team

Kia Tigers leadoff hitter Park Chan-ho is close to returning to the first team.

Park went 0-for-3 at first base and shortstop in a Futures League game against the KT Wiz at Challengers Field in Hampyeong on Thursday. After a grounder to shortstop in his first at-bat, Park hit a grounder to third base in his second at-bat. In his third at-bat in the bottom of the sixth inning with runners on first and second, he grounded out to shortstop. Park was replaced by Jang Si-hyun to finish the game.

Park was replaced by Jang Si-hyun after feeling pain in his back while playing first base against Samsung Electronics in Gwangju on June 6. It was the aftermath of being hit in the back by Choi Ji-kang’s pitch against Doosan in Jamsil on March 31. A medical examination revealed swelling in his back, and Kia manager Lee Bum-ho chose to keep him off the first team roster.

He is expected to return in 10 days. The injury is not considered serious. He was expected to return to the first team after resting and adjusting his senses. His first appearance in the Futures League signaled the end of this phase of his recovery.

“In terms of dates, he could return on the 17th against Incheon SSG,” Lee said of Park Chan-ho.

However, we need to check how much of his physical condition we saw in the Futures Team,” he said. “We have to see if we call him back to Incheon right away or wait until the Gwangju NC game on the 19th to rest a bit more.”

Park showed good hitting form in 11 games this season before his first-team suspension, going 3-for-6 with four RBIs. His wide defensive range, quick feet, 안전놀이터 추천 and ability to run the bases made him a perfect fit for the leadoff role. His return could revitalize Kia’s speedy lineup of Kim Do-young and Choi Won-joon.

However, Kia is in no rush. They have not faltered in the face of a series of injuries. Kim Do-young and Seo Gun-chang have taken turns in the leadoff role since Park Chan-ho’s departure and have filled the void perfectly. At shortstop, backup Hong Jong-pyo has also been doing a great job in the offense after being a question mark.

The addition of Park Chan-ho is definitely a great synergy for KIA. However, it’s important to utilize him at 100% in a more complete state. It will be interesting to see if Lee will call up Chan-ho at some point.

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