Super Team’s Great Reaction? Busan KCCC Unexpectedly Biggest

Busan KCC won an unexpected victory with satisfactory game contents in the away game.

Busan KCC 5th in the regular season defeated Seoul SK 4th in the regular season 81-63 in the first round of the 2023-24 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball League best-of-five series held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 4th.

Busan KCC ended the first half with Hur Woong’s three-point shot and Song Kyo-chang’s quick attack, raising the barrage level to 41-34. In the third quarter, the team blocked SK’s scoring spree in Seoul. Choi Jun-yong displayed stellar performance in both offense and defense. Busan KCC ended the third quarter with a 16-point deficit 61-45, and Hur Woong and Ra Gun-ah accumulated points to clinch a landslide victory.

Busan KCC, which won by a whopping 18 points, had an advantage over its advance to the semifinal PO. In KBL history, the odds of the winning team advancing to the semifinal PO in the first round are 92.3 percent 48/52.

Huh Woong scored 19 points, the most for both teams, including three three-point shots, for Busan KCC. Ra Gun-ah held on with 17 points seven rebounds under the basket. Song Kyo-chang 13 points and Choi Joon-yong 7 points also contributed to the victory by playing both sides of offense and defense.

He displayed strong firepower but managed to display good defense despite his weaknesses. He narrowed the gap due to pressure and blocked Jamil Warney. Warney 14 points only scored two points in the second half. The team’s outer defense, which had been a drag on KCC in Busan throughout the season, also turned out well on the day. Ahn Young-joon 15 points had three three-point shots, but Kim Sun-hyung 13 points had only one. He also gained the upper hand in rebounding.

Coach Jeon Chang-jin, who brought the victory to the team in his first game, said, “The defense was good. I won the game for the first time because I defended well. The defense was really good.”

The Busan KCC, which established the national team’s lineup before the opening of the season, was called a “super team” and was named a strong favorite. It was disappointing to open the lid. The offense did not meet expectations, but the defense was not very good. With disappointing performance, the team ranked fifth in the season. Coach Jeon Chang-jin even blamed himself for the poor performance.

However, the team garnered a landslide victory by blocking the Seoul SK Wyverns in its first game of the semifinal game. Thanks to evenly distributed performance by key players, players were able to allocate time and play as full as possible. The content and results even puzzled basketball fans. They are anticipating the emergence of a “super team” that failed to display performance during the regular season. 토토사이트

Meanwhile, Ahn, who forced his participation despite knee pain, was substituted due to left finger injury in the middle of the fourth quarter. He is not a right hand shooter, but it could have an impact.

The second game will be held at the same place at 2 p.m. on the 6th.

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