Son Heung-min’s Anger

Brian Hill 23, Tottenham Hotspur is expected to leave the team without spreading his wings.

Coach Angie Postecoglou has made it clear that he no longer wants to have Hill in the team. Hill has not been included in his future plans.

Spaniard winger Hill left Sevilla to join Tottenham in 2021. Tottenham won the bid by offering cash for Erik Lamela to bring in the highly anticipated La Liga prospect. His contract ran until 2026.

However, Hill failed to make an impressive performance at Tottenham. He left for Valencia in the second half of 2021 to secure time for his participation and spent the last season with Sevilla as well. Hill also contributed to Sevilla’s UEFA Europa League victory by playing in La Liga.

Hill returned to Tottenham ahead of this season, but there was still no place for him. It was not enough to squeeze in the strikers, who have Son Heung-min, Dejan Kulusevski, Brennan Johnson, and Hishalisson. Hill has played only 221 minutes in 11 games throughout all of the tournaments, and has not even been on the bench in the last three games.

Hill’s last start was against Manchester City last year. At the time, he was replaced as soon as the first half was over, playing his worst game. Hill was constantly blocked by Manchester City defender Kyle Walker and could not do anything, and he used to make a pass mistake from the back, causing crisis.

He also lost a critical opportunity and drew Son’s ire. Hill cut off the ball from the opponent’s side in the 27th minute, but did not pass it right away to Son, who ran into the center. After giving Son a glance, he drove the ball up directly and passed it belatedly, and the ball was naturally blocked by the opponent’s defense.

Then, Son looked at Hill and swung his right arm wide, becoming unusually angry. He couldn’t hide his frustration, asking why he didn’t pass it to him early. Hill, who was holding his head in his arms, protested, but anyone can see that he made a mistake.

Hill, who only disappointed captain Son Heung-min and Postecoglou, is likely to leave Tottenham as it is. The Bootroom said, “Tottenham players have had a great season in the Premier League, but they are still not where they should be. Postecoglou knows that he has to change a lot this summer. Hill’s Tottenham career will come to an end soon.”

The media also stressed, “Hill is a really talented player, but things didn’t work out for Tottenham for one reason or another. Several players are ahead of him. There is no sign that Hill can secure his position on the sidelines.”

Hill also cannot be satisfied with the current situation. He has to take on a new challenge for himself. The Bootroom said, “Hill is clearly not happy at Tottenham. According to local reports in Spain, Postecoglou has no interest in keeping him after the end of the season. This almost guarantees that Hill will leave the team for the upcoming summer.”

For Tottenham, Hilo and farewell are the best options. The media reported, “Hill did not live up to Tottenham’s expectations. He was a player with tremendous potential. He was praised as a versatile and solid superstar,” adding, “After spending nearly three years, he has not developed into the player Tottenham thought he would become. He has a very good chance of moving to the summer. It will be the best thing for everyone.” 토토사이트

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