Joo Min-gyu shoots congratulatory shots against Jeonbuk

First Taegeuk mark at the latest age in the national soccer team’s history

I’m not sure if I’m going to do it. The Korean Professional Football Federation is going to do it for a while

Attention is focusing on whether Joo Min-kyu Ulsan HD, who finally wore the long-awaited Taegeuk mark, will launch a congratulatory speech to mark the selection of the national team against his rival Jeonbuk Hyundai.

Ulsan will play the second leg of the 2023-2024 Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) quarterfinals against Jeonbuk at Munsu Stadium in Ulsan on the afternoon of the 12th.

Ulsan, which had a 1-1 draw in the first match held in Jeonju on the 5th, aims to advance to the semifinals at home.

For Ulsan, we are counting on the toes of Joo Min-gyu, who has worn the first Taegeuk mark in his life.

Joo Min-gyu was proudly listed on the list of 23 players for the March A-match announced on Wednesday. He was chosen by interim coach Hwang Sun-hong, who dominated his era with Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo.

In particular, Joo Min-gyu was selected for the national team at the age of 33 years and 333 days, setting the record of being selected for the A national team for the first time in the history of the Korean national soccer team. The existing oldest record is 32 years and 131 days, set by Song Jung-hyun (then Jeonnam Dragons) in October 2008 when he was head coach of the national team Huh Jung-moo.

If Joo Min-gyu plays in the match against Thailand on the 21st, he will also set a record for the oldest A-match debut in the national team (33 years, 343 days). The existing record for the oldest debut match is Han Chang-hwa, who played in the A-match for the first time at the age of 32 years and 168 days against Turkey at the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland.

Joo Min-gyu is currently the best striker in the K-League. He became the top scorer in the K-League 1 with 22 goals for the first time in the 2021 season with Jeju United, and scored 17 goals in the 2022 season, the same as Cho Kyu-sung (then of Jeonbuk Hyundai) but ranked second due to too much time to play.

However, with 17 goals in the 2023 season, he became the top scorer for the first time in two seasons. Manager Hwang Sun-hong said, “No player in the league has scored 50 goals in three years. There is no need for further explanation.”

I’m not sure. The Korean Professional Football Federation is a professional soccer team that won the K League 1 goal in the 2023 season 토토

In this season, he scored a total of three goals in the first leg of the ACL’s round of 16 against Banpo Re Gofu in February and a total of three goals with a wedge shot just before the end of the second game, bringing Ulsan to the quarterfinals of the ACL.

However, since the opening of the K League 1 in the 2024 season, he has been silent without scoring in two games and the first leg of the ALC quarterfinals against Jeonbuk.

As he will play his first match since being selected as a member of the national team, he will likely play against Jeonbuk w
ith a new mindset. “Regardless of news on his selection as a national team member, I will play well in the match against Jeonbuk,” Joo Min-kyu said in a calm manner through his Ulsan team.

Attention is focusing on whether Joo Min-gyu, who wore the Taegeuk mark after twists and turns, will be able to score a self-congratulatory shot against Jeonbuk.

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