Son Heung-min is Back, Tottenham is Finally Complete

Tottenham Hotspur is finally complete. “Captain” Son Heung-min and other players who were called to the Continental Cup tournament are all back.

“Son Heung-min will return to Tottenham on Thursday after being eliminated from the Asian Cup. Son has started all 20 Premier League games this season but has missed the last five games. He is the team’s most prolific scorer with 12 goals and also has five assists.”

At the end of last year, Son briefly left Tottenham to participate in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup. In order to relieve the resentment of his country that had no championship for 64 years since the 1960 tournament, he gave up Tottenham’s captaincy armband and played as the national team captain for more than a month.

However, he failed to achieve his goal. Korea barely managed to win in the round of 16 and the quarterfinals, but ended up with a 0-2 complete defeat to Jordan in the semifinals, leaving his team packed ahead of the final. Son started all matches from the first round to the semifinals, but failed to prevent his team from being defeated in the final match.

Son Heung-min immediately headed to his team from Qatar. Tottenham even thought of a scenario for Son Heung-min to return after the weekend, but welcomed Son faster than expected. It is sad that the team captain came back after failing to win the Continental Cup, but considering the team’s history and circumstances, we cannot help but welcome Son Heung-min’s return.

Tottenham made various efforts to fill the void left by Son while Son was away. First of all, RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner was brought on loan in the winter transfer window, and the team assigned more roles to Hisarlisson and Dejan Kulusevski. Other offensive resources, such as Brennan Johnson and Brian Hill, also gained weight.

However, it was difficult to say that these players completely erased Son Heung-min’s absence. Hisharlisong, whose performance has been improved since December last year, played his role, but he still felt that Son Heung-min was needed. Rather, the better Hisharlisong could have done if Son Heung-min was left.

Son Heung-min is returning to D.O. Furthermore, he is expected to play in the upcoming match against Brighton and Hove Albion. Thank God for Tottenham, which is competing for the fourth place in the league.

“Son will return to Tottenham and play for Anji Postecoglou in Saturday’s match against Brighton,” Eccleshere said. Tottenham won two of their five matches without a captain, but were eliminated after losing their FA Cup match against Manchester City. Currently, Tottenham is in fifth place in the PL and two points behind Aston Villa.”

With the return of Son Heung-min, Tottenham is complete. Midfielder Pape Sarr, who joined the national team to participate in the 2023 AFC Nations Cup like Son, returned after Senegal failed in the round of 16, and Yves Bissouma also returned to Tottenham after his country Mali lost to the host Ivory Coast. Also, the return of James Maddison, who was out due to injury, Tottenham is now fully equipped.

Tottenham now aims to enter the top four and beyond. Depending on the results of the 24th round of the league, Tottenham could be in fourth place once again. Son Heung-min is back after Sarr and Bissouma in the face of an important game, so Tottenham can play against Brighton with confidence. 토토사이트 추천


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