Stolen Jackie Robinson Statue Found Burnt

A statue of Jackie Robinson, the first black player in Major League Baseball (MLB), was found burned five days after it was stolen.

The Associated Press reported on the 31st that the remains of a burned Robinson statue were found in a park in Kansas, USA.

“Fire crews who were dispatched after receiving a report that a garbage can in a park was on fire in the morning found the statue of Robinson,” a police spokesman said. “At the time of discovery, the statue was not available.”

The Robinson statue, which was installed in a park in Kansas, U.S., was stolen by two unidentified criminals on the 26th. At the time, surveillance cameras caught the two people moving the statue after cutting the ankle of the statue.

No one has been arrested yet. “Those who stole our community’s treasure should be held accountable for their actions. It’s only a matter of time since we mobilized all police forces,” said Wichita, Kansas.

Robinson is a Major League Baseball legend and a symbol of racism.

He made his major league debut in 1947 with the Brooklyn Dodgers (now the Los Angeles Dodgers).

Robinson, who overcame discrimination, led the Dodgers to six National League wins and one World Series victory until his retirement in 1956. 메이저사이트

Robinson’s number 42 remains a permanent absence from the Major League Baseball, and the Major League celebrates April 15, when he made his debut, as “Jackie Robinson Day.”


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